Penal robbery: Family looted by three following home invasion

The investigation is active in case of robbery in Penal against a family at their home in Digity Branch Trace on Monday, 10 June.

Penal robbery: Family looted by three following home invasion.
Penal robbery: Family looted by three following home invasion.

Trinidad and Tobago: The investigation is active by the law enforcement agencies in a case of robbery by a group of men in Penal. The crime was recorded against a family in the locality who were ambushed by the culprits at their home in the neighbourhood of Digity Branch Trace on Monday, 10 June, around 02:30 pm.

As per the reports, at the time of the robbery, there were three members of the family in the Penal house where a party of assailants invaded the private property. Penal is a town in the south section of the Trinidad Island. In the group, there were three male suspects who went inside the house without any permission with the intention to loot the place.

It is said that among the three assailants, two were carrying lethal weapons which was used to threaten the victims in the house. As the assailants broke into the house, it was initially noticed by a 59-year-old woman who was in the kitchen area at the time.

It is mentioned that the old lady heard some kind of noise inside the house, which led her to the living area for inspection. In the living space, the old lady spotted three unknown men standing who were already inside the house. She observed that the two men among three were possessing firearm in their hands.

Subsequently, the armed assailants threatened the old lady and announced the robbery. One suspect grabbed the victim lady by the arm and forced her to her bedroom, where the three suspects ransacked the place to collect all the valuables. The noise in the house also alerted the other two members of the family, who came out of their rooms to check the reason.

The suspect also took the two other victims at gunpoint and forced all three into the room, blocking them from any kind of resistance. Straight after, the three suspects took charge of the entire house and started searching for the valuables of their interest.

Reportedly, in the successful attempt of robbery against the family in a house of Penal, the group of assailants stole some valuables including cash and smartphones. The assailants collected two smartphones, including one Samsung phone valued eleven hundred dollars and an iPhone six valued two thousand dollars, with five hundred twenty dollars in cash.

Immediately after the Penal robbery, the party of assailants escaped from the space of crime with all stolen items in a motor vehicle, a Nissan Teana. The victim family instantly made a complaint to the police department and informed them about the robbery at their house in Penal. In response, an investigation was launched, which is actively ongoing, to arrest the three culprits.