Spanish Town Detectives are probing shooting against a man

24-year-old man hospitalised with wounds from gunshots in Spanish Town shooting by the armed assailants after he left from a funeral.

Spanish Town Detectives are probing shooting against a man.
Spanish Town Detectives are probing shooting against a man.

Jamaica: The region of Saint Catherine parish goes through another shooting incident, which led a 24-year-old man to the hospital with wounds from gunshots in Spanish Town. The hospitalised victim was attacked by the armed assailants on the way after he left a funeral on the evening of Sunday, 07 July, around 05:00 pm.

As per the details collected about the fatal shooting in Spanish Town, Jamaica, the victim was in the locality to attend the burial ceremony of a known person. After being a part of the gathering, when the victim made his way back to his home, the man was approached by the armed assailants who targeted him on the root.

It is mentioned in the reports that the victim was taken on aim in the shooting when he was at the traffic light along Saint John’s Road, Spanish Town. During the red light, the occupants of a motorcycle approached the victim and took him at gunpoint. The gunmen suddenly started firing at the victim without giving him any chance to escape.

In the open shooting at Spanish Town, the victim got injured with multiple wounds of gunshot over his lower body and legs. The armed assailants on the motorcycle instantly raced and ran off from the site after attacking their target. The injured victim was bleeding from his wounds and was assisted by the people nearby and taken to the hospital.

The injured victim was immediately admitted for treatment in the hospital after an examination of his condition. The information of the shooting against a man in the open scene in Spanish Town was passed to the law enforcement department. The assigned police officers from the local police unit took charge and started the operation to trace the culprit.

The crime scene was also processed by the investigation team of officers who collected the traces that could act as evidence. The motive behind the crime act of shooting is not known for now. However, it is said that the dead man was a friend of the victim who lost his life in a shooting act.

The dead man whose funeral victim man was attending on the day was identified as Marcus Bailey, who was a resident of the Majesty Gardens locality in Kingston 11. As Marcus Bailey was also killed by the assailants in a shooting attack, it is assumed that both cases can be attached, but nothing can be confirmed till further updates. The shooting case is taken over by the Spanish Town Criminal Investigations Branch.