Sangre Grande man injured in accident while escaping shooting

In a shooting, a 27-year-old man was attacked by an unknown assailant in Sangre Grande outside the his house on 05 June.

Sangre Grande man injured in accident while escaping shooting. Image Credit: Asia Times
Sangre Grande man injured in accident while escaping shooting. Image Credit: Asia Times

Trinidad and Tobago: A case of shooting was reported when a 27-year-old man was attacked by an unknown assailant in Sangre Grande. The victim got injured in the act due to getting struck by a motor vehicle while running to save his life. The incident of targeted shooting took place outside the house of the victim on the morning of Wednesday, 05 June, around 09:15 am, which he managed to escape.

The victim man who successfully saved his life from the hands of the suspect during the shooting attack in Sangre Grande is known in the locality as Warlord. Warlord is his nickname, while in the official documents, the victim is identified as Shaquille Peters. Shaquille Peters is a resident of Sellier Circular, a locality along Ojoe Road in the Sangre Grande town of Trinidad.

As per the disclosed details on the Sangre Grande shooting, the unknown suspect made his entrance to the property owner by the victim without any permission when Shaquille Peters was in the yard of his home. It is said that the suspect made his way in from the back side of the house. The suspect was handling a lethal firearm, which the victim spotted and observed his intentions.

At nearly 9:15 am, the suspect approached Shaquille Peters with a clear intention to kill him, in order to which he pulled a gun and launched the firing. The victim, after observing his life under threat, attempted to escape the place and ran immediately towards the outside. As he came to the roadway in a hurry, he was not able to spot a moving vehicle and got stuck with it.

The vehicle was a van of white colour that hit the victim, after which he collapsed at the place. The suspect continued firing bullets at the victim but failed to take him on target. Somehow, Shaquille Peters managed to escape from the place after he ran into a parlour to get shelter in the locality for the time. The victim received help in the parlour, after which the suspect left the site with an unsuccessful attempt to murder.

Subsequently, the law enforcement authority and the emergency health services were notified about the case of a shooting against a man in Sangre Grande. The response was made by the officers of the Sangre Grande Crime Investigation Department, including PC Salickram and PC Budhooram. The report was confirmed after arriving at the scene, and the victim was conveyed to the Sangre Grande Hospital.

The victim received medical treatment for the injuries he got due to the accident with the van and was reported to be in stable health condition. The site of the shooting in Sangre Grande was processed by PC Gualbance and PC Budhooram, who collected three counts of shells of 9 mm and one 9 mm active bullet. An active investigation is going on to find the culprit of the crime with the help of collected clues.