43-year-old man died in Cocorite shooting, 2 injured

A shooting in Powder Magazine locality of Cocorite resulted in three casualties, among whom one lost his life on 06 June.

43-year-old man died in Cocorite shooting, 2 injured.
43-year-old man died in Cocorite shooting, 2 injured.

Trinidad and Tobago: The fatal act of shooting in the Powder Magazine locality of Cocorite resulted in three casualties, among whom one man lost his life at the spot, and two were left injured. The life-taking act was launched by some unknown assailants on the midnight of Thursday, 06 June, around 12:10 am.

The name of the deceased man in the Cocorite shooting attack is disclosed to be Kern Moore. Kern Moore is identified as a 43-year-old man who was the local resident of the Powder Magazine, Phase 1 in Cocorite. Cocorite is a neighbourhood of the northwestern section of Trinidad.

Among the two injured men, the 46-year-old individual named Alpha Brown was also a local resident of the area. The other injured victim was a 34-year-old man, identified by his document name Wendell Pompey, who was a resident of Mon Repos locality in the Morvant town of Trinidad.

As per the reports on the Cocorite murder case, the locals living in the area of Powder Magazine noticed the act of the crime at midnight. While the fatal attack took place against the victims, the sound of shooting echoed around the locality, which alerted the neighbours in the houses and nearby the spot.

At nearly 12:10 am, the residents went out on the road and found the injured victims after searching for the reason for the explosions. Straight after, the information of the shooting crime in the region of Cocorite was reported to the law enforcement authority. The responsible unit of officers in the region took charge after receiving the information about the fatal act in the area of their jurisdiction.

Ag/Cpl Seebaran and Cpl Robinson from the Western Division Task Force took the initial response to the case and arrived at the mentioned spot of the shooting. On the site, police officers found that three men were injured in the fatal shooting, among whom one was already dead on the scene. The injured victims were instantly helped with treatment and were taken to the hospital.

The dead victim, Kern Moore, was found lying on the roadway covered with blood. The dead man was covered with multiple wounds from gunshots over his body and face. Subsequently, the crime scene was blocked, and the designated medical officer was contacted. The process of collecting clues from the scene was also initiated by the police investigating team.

The designated medical officers viewed the body of the dead victim after arriving at the shooting site of Cocorite. The crucial points were noted from the examination of the dead body and shared with the responding police officers. Later, the dead body was taken from the site to the forensic centre for the post-mortem.

In the hospital, the injured victims of the shooting attack were treated and were reported out of danger. From the site, Homicide Region 1 Crime Scene Investigators WPC Baptiste and PC Jaisrie collected seven bullet shells of 9 and 7.62 calibre. The police department launched an operation to trace the culprits and arrest them for committing offences.