Saint Catherine court denies bail to fraud accused

30-year-old man was presented to Saint Catherine court in the case of overseas jobs scheme fraud on Tuesday, 23 April.

Saint Catherine court denied bail for fraud accused.
Saint Catherine court denied bail for fraud accused.

Jamaica: A 30-year-old accused man was presented to the parish court for justice in Saint Catherine in the case of overseas jobs scheme fraud where he was denied the requested bail on Tuesday, 23 April. In the criminal act, the man is accused of defrauding an amount of around seven thousand dollars from three women promising jobs.

The accused man is identified by his name by the police department that is disclosed to be Kirk Letford as per the documents. The suspect is laid with three counts of charges for the offences committed by him in the Saint Catherine fraud case including obtaining money by means of false pretence.

As per the sources, the suspect was running a fraud scheme of providing jobs to job seekers. He was claiming to secure the opportunity of employment for candidates in foreign nations like the United States of America.

It is said that the case of fraud was highlighted when the accused managed to convince the three women for his job scheme in Saint Catherine, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica. In the month of March, the suspect promised the three female candidates to provide them with secured jobs in the United States of America.

Reportedly, the accused man also assured the three women of the arrangement of visas and legal proceedings to enter the country for employment. In the name of the jobs and official work, he managed to collect money from the three women as the fees for the process and his personal service charges.

It is said that the amount collected by the accused from the three women was around seven thousand dollars. With the promise of jobs, the man also gave the assumed time to the women, who were supposed to get all the documents and joining letters for the job.

Eventually, the three women realised the incident of fraud that took place against them by the suspect in the name of a job in a foreign nation. The revelation came after the promised job was not provided to the candidates even after the assigned time. they were also not able to get any satisfying answers on the process.

Finally, the three women filed an official report against the suspect to the police department explaining everything about the job fraud in Saint Catherine. The police officers on duty from the Spanish Town police station recorded the statements of the complainant women.

Subsequently, the officers from the Criminal Investigation Branch took charge of the fraud case and launched an operation to catch the suspect. The investigation by the police department led to the arrest of the accused man.

The suspect, Kirk Letford, was taken under custody and was later laid with charges in the fraud case after the process of interrogation. Under the same laid charges, the man was taken into the court for the hearing where his bail grant was rejected.