Police officers under trial in 2003 San Fernando murder case

Accused police officer appeared in virtual session of high court in murder case of 2003 in San Fernando on Monday, 22 April.

Accused police officers under trial in 2003 San Fernando murder case.
Accused police officers under trial in 2003 San Fernando murder case.

Trinidad and Tobago: An accused police officer appeared in the virtual session of the high court against him in the ongoing case of the murder of a man in San Fernando. The case, which was heard on Monday, 22 April 2024, has continuously been going on for two decades, which was recorded on Friday, 5 September 2003.

As per the reports, the accusation on the police officer was of a murder that took place on the day during an arrest in San Fernando, a city located in the southwestern part of Trinidad island. It is said that the victim man was using obscene language which was noted by the police officers.

It is mentioned that the police officers took action against the man present in the locality of San Fernando. In the process, the police officers started beating and assaulting the man physically which allegedly became the reason for the death of the man as the situation elevated.

The injured man, in critical condition, was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment. It was reported by the on-duty medical staff after the examination of the body of the victim that he was not able to survive. The man was officially declared dead by the doctor on duty.

The deceased man was a 23-year-old man whose identity was disclosed by his name Shaun Mcleod. Shaun Mcleod was the father of one child. The accused police officer is identified with the documented name of Michael Morris. PC Michael Morris was arrested for the offence of murder on the day by the police department along Library Corner in San Fernando.

After further proceedings, the investigating police officers found through the reports of autopsy that the man died due to the blunt force trauma suffered by him. The impact on his head and brain hemorrhage was pointed out as the primary reason for the death.

In 2023 also, the accused police officer was taken to court for an appearance for the hearing under the charges laid on him for the committed offence. During that time, the police officer was granted bail against the surety, which was of two hundred thousand dollars. At that time the accused officer was 26 years old.

In the ongoing case, the accused police officer was again taken for trial in the unresolved murder case of 2003 in San Fernando. The virtual hearing was conducted under the observation of Justice Ramsumair Hinds, who heard the argument related to the case.

Justice Ramsumair Hinds mentioned his words after hearing the reasoning from both sides. He recommended the case to be taken on priority as there were no follow-ups recorded in the case. Justice ordered the accused police officers to appear in court on Monday, 01 July, for further trial in the manslaughter case.