Plymouth recorded another murder of woman by shooting

A murder of woman reported who lost her life in a shooting attack of Plymouth along Arnos Vale Road while going to work on 09 May.

Plymouth recorded another murder of woman by shooting. Image Credit: WBAL-TV
Plymouth recorded another murder of woman by shooting. Image Credit: WBAL-TV

Trinidad and Tobago: The island of Tobago recorded another incident of murder after a woman lost her life due to a fatal shooting attack in Plymouth. The victim woman was shot by two assailants along Arnos Vale Road while going to work on the morning of Thursday, 09 May, around 06:00 am.

Nikeisha Sandy, who is identified in the report as the deceased victim of the murder case is said to be the resident of Jeagers Street in Plymouth. Plymouth is a village of Tobago situated in the northwestern part of the island. The name of the victims was disclosed as mentioned in the documents.

As per sources, the female victim of the Plymouth murder case was on her way to reach the workplace when she was approached by two suspects. It is said that the victim was travelling on her feet along Arnos Vale Road while her way was blocked by two men. The two suspects were armed with guns which they suddenly pointed toward the lady and pulled the trigger.

At nearly 06:00 am, the incident of murder was recorded when the lethal attack was launched on the victim woman. The lady got hit by the bullets several times through her body which led her to lose her life. The incident was seen by the public around the place who came in for the rescue of the woman.

However, the two suspects were able to escape from the scene after concluding their intention. The injured woman who was bleeding from gunshot wounds over her body was not able to survive and was found dead on the scene. The local people who were present at the moment raised a call to the police department without wasting any moment. The law enforcement unit collected the information of the fatal shooting attack which led to a murder in Plymouth.

A team of on-duty police officers was alerted and assigned the task of investigating the situation. The responding police officers made their way to the mentioned crime scene in the company of the designated medical officer. To start the investigation process the common public was removed from the place while seizing the area.

The police officers started their efforts to collect the evidence related to the crime while the designated medical officer started the examination of the dead body of the victim woman. Eventually, the information collected from the site was noted and seized while the dead body was transferred to the mortuary of the Scarborough General Hospital for post-mortem.

As the investigation in the case is active by law enforcement agencies, it is highlighted that this is the ninth incident of murder. Over that the island nation observed a second case where a woman was killed just this month till now.

The last murder case of a woman was recorded on Saturday, 04 May, where a 32-year-old victim named Shellon Walters Joseph was shot and killed. The incident took place along Saw Mill Trace in Mt St George, where down in a precipice the semi-nude dead body of the lady was discovered. The victim was a resident of Mt Marie locality in Scarborough, Tobago.