One dead, two injured in Bustamante Highway road accident

A man was found dead with two injured after a road accident of two motor vehicles along Bustamante Highway in Clarendon on 31 March.

One dead, two injured in Bustamante Highway road accident. Image Credit: Facebook, KTIV News 4
One dead, two injured in Bustamante Highway road accident. Image Credit: Facebook, KTIV News 4

Jamaica: A man was found dead after a road accident involving two motor vehicles along the Bustamante Highway in Clarendon, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica, on the evening of Sunday, around 7:10 pm. The accident also resulted in two other casualties, who were found injured at the scene.

As per the sources, the incident of collision of two motor vehicles on the Bustamante Highway took place on the day while the accident victim was travelling from Savanna Cross with a female passenger and was heading towards Sandy Bay town in Hanover, a parish in the northwestern part of Jamaica.


It is mentioned in the reports that while the victim was driving on the highway in his motor vehicle, which was a Toyota Probox motorcar, he was manoeuvring across the highway which led to the accident with a Honda Vezel motorcar travelling on the roadway.

At nearly 7:10 pm, when the accident took place, the collision between the vehicles moving in speed was so vigorous that the motor vehicle of the deceased victim overturned. The road accident left the victims severely injured on the scene which was observed by the other people passing by the highway.

The act of road accident on the Bustamante Highway was reported to the police department in response to which the police officers took action on the information of the accident in the area under their jurisdiction.

The officers went to the scene of the accident and confirmed the information received while taking control of the site and seizing it for the investigation while continuing with the rescue operation.

Reportedly, on the site of the road accident, three victims were found injured and bleeding among whom one woman was travelling in a Toyota Probox with the deceased victim, who was alive at the scene, and one man was travelling in a Honda Vezel.

The deceased victim was identified by the police department in the investigation whose name was disclosed to be Alton Hayles as per the documents. Alton Hayles was a resident of a neighbourhood along Saint John’s Road in Spanish Town, the capital city of Saint Catherine parish of Jamaica.


All three victims were taken to the nearby hospital in the locality for treatment under medical observation. Alton Hayles, the victim of the accident on Bustamante Highway was not able to survive and was declared dead. Meanwhile, the other two victims were treated and reported to be in stable condition.