Marabella suicide: 39-year-old man found hanged at his home

A case of suicide of a 39-year-old man is observed in Marabella, where he found hanging by the roof on Wednesday, 05 June.

Marabella suicide: 39-year-old man found hanged at his home. Image Credit: Times of India
Marabella suicide: 39-year-old man found hanged at his home. Image Credit: Times of India

Trinidad and Tobago: A case of suicide is observed in a community at Marabella, where a 39-year-old man killed himself by hanging by the roof. The incident was reported on the afternoon of Wednesday, 05 June, around 01:50 am. It is said that at the time, the man was alone at his house while his wife was at her mother’s home.

The deceased man who committed suicide at his home in Marabella is identified as Valmicki Nanan, which is his documented name. Valmicki Nanan originally belonged to a neighbourhood along Daniel Street in Reform, a settlement on the western side of Trinidad.

As per the reports, the wife of the dead, Valmicki, was the first person who discovered the act of the Marabella suicide case. The wife of the dead man was not at the house, and when she returned back, the victim was already dead, as she witnessed after entering the house. It is said that the man was last seen alive in the morning around 9:30 am.

In the morning of the same day, Valmicki Nanan dropped his wife at the home of her mother, after which he left the place. The expected time of the suicide by the man at his Marabella house is said before 01:50 pm when his wife came back to the home and found her husband dead.

It is mentioned that when the wife returned back, she was not able to get access to the house as the door lock was faulty. She kept on trying to enter the house, and while she was struggling, she tried to contact her husband. The wife called the man on his phone but got no reply from the other side.

Reportedly, the wife was able to hear the ringing sound of his cell phone from inside the house. After struggling for a bit, the lady was able to open the door, and she managed to get inside the house. After getting inside, the wife started looking for her husband, Valmicki Nanan, and found his dead body.

She spotted that his husband committed suicide as his dead body was hanging from a yellow skipping rope with the concrete beam. The wife immediately reported the suicide of her husband at their Marabella house to the law protection department.

The police officers from the responsible police unit in the region took charge and arrived at the place with the designated medical officer. The place was blocked and the investigation was initiated. The dead body of Valmicki Nanan was examined and later removed from the site after the official pronouncement.