Investigators probing murder of 49-year-old man in San Francique

A case of murder is under investigation where a 49-year-old man found lifeless over his bed in the house of San Francique.

Tarouba businesswoman killed by shooting outside Toyota office. Image Credit: Community Psychology
Tarouba businesswoman killed by shooting outside Toyota office. Image Credit: Community Psychology

Trinidad and Tobago: A case of murder in San Francique is under investigation process in which a 49-year-old man was found lifeless, covered in blood, over his bed in the house. The incident of the death was discovered and reported to the police department on the evening of Monday, 08 July, at nearly 05:00 pm. The reason behind the death and the way of attack is not declared yet by the authorities.

The act of murder in San Francique took place against the male victim, who was recognised among the known people as Anthony Sahadeo James as per the official identification. The victim, Anthony Sahadeo James, was a local resident of the Ramnarine Trace settlement in the region of Trinidad. The deceased was found with wounds over his head, which became the potential reason for his death.

As per the provided information about the San Francique murder case, the victim was attacked fatally while he was at his home, which was later observed and reported by the first witness. However, it is not clear how many assailants were involved in the criminal act and if the attacker was someone known to the victim. It is said that there was no trace of any suspect when the man was found dead.

At nearly 05:00 pm on the day, the law enforcement force was given information about the murder of a man at his house in San Francique. The information was collected by the police officers on duty, and the charge was taken instantly in response to the matter. PC Yearwood, along with WPC Ashby Shelby, arrived at the crime scene to confirm the response and take note of the situation.

At the crime scene, the responding officers made their way to the premises and found the victim of the crime lying lifeless. The deceased victim, Anthony Sahadeo James, was on a mattress inside his bedroom, where he was covered with his blood. On the examination of the body, it was seen that the dead man was bleeding from the wound over the head area.

Straight after, the crime scene was secured by the responding officers, and the designated medical officer was provided with the information. The investigation team of police officers took over the scene and initiated the proceedings. Meanwhile, the designated medical officer, Doctor De Gannes, visited the spot and made a pronouncement after the examination of the dead body.

Eventually, the dead body of the San Francique murder victim was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital Mortuary, where it was kept before the autopsy process at the Forensic Science Centre in Saint James. The Crime Scene Investigators, including PC Ramnarine from the Homicide Bureau Region Three, got involved in the case and continued the investigation.