Georgetown: Gunpoint robbery in Cevon Waste Management

Shooting and robbery reported in Cevon Waste Management located along Aubrey Barker Road in Georgetown on Saturday, 27 April.

Georgetown: Gunpoint robbery reported in Cevon Waste Management. Image Credit: India Today
Georgetown: Gunpoint robbery reported in Cevon Waste Management. Image Credit: India Today

Guyana: An act of shooting, injuring a man, while the robbery was reported against the owner of Cevon Waste Management located along Aubrey Barker Road in the South Ruimveldt locality of Georgetown, Guyana. The incident took place while the owner was paying salaries to other employees on Saturday, 27 April.

As per the sources, the incidents of shooting and robbery took place on the day in Cevon Waste Management when the owner was with his employees in his office in Georgetown, a town of Guyana along the northern part of the nation along the coast.

It is mentioned that the criminal act took place when the owner of the management was paying salaries to his employees in the office when suddenly two assailants went to the place. It is said that the two suspects were hiding their identities with masks that they were wearing to cover their faces.

The sources say, that the two assailants made their way into the officer of the owner of Cevon Waste Management with aggression. After that, one of the assistants pulled out a firearm that he was carrying into his waist and got armed. Straight after, the assailant fired two counts of bullets at the place and announced the attempt of robbery.

In the shooting act, one bullet hit an employee working at the place who got injured by the shot and started bleeding from the wound of the gunshot. However, the suspects followed up with their intentions and started robbing the place after threatening everyone for their lives.

In the criminal act of Georgetown robbery, the assailants looted the valuable properties of Cevon Waste Management with the phone of the owner valued at around two hundred thousand dollars and a sum of amount in cash. Immediately after the successful robbery, the suspect made their way out of the management.

It is said that the two suspects left the place on a motorcycle of black colour, however, the company, model of the bike, and registration number are not known. The suspect also left behind the sin card of the cellphone they took from the owner.

Instantly after the suspect left the place, the information of the criminal act of shooting and robbery in Cevon Waste Management of Georgetown was passed to the police department. After getting a report of the criminal activity in the region of their jurisdiction, the local section of the law enforcement unit took charge.

A team of investigating officers went to the mentioned address after getting the information and confirmed the report after recording the statements. The police officers initiated the investigation and collected the evidence after seizing the place of crime.

Reportedly, the police officers collected two spent shells of the shot bullets during the shooting which were of 0.32 calibre. With that, the officers on duty also recovered a warhead which was seized by the police. The findings were sealed, marked and transferred to the police station to use as clues in further investigation.

The victim owner of the Cevon Waste Management who got robbed is identified with his documented name of Ruth Chase who is a 31-year-old man. Meanwhile, the injured victim of the shooting who suffered a gunshot wound is identified as a 33-year-old man, known with the name of Berthony Cadeau.

Berthony Cadeau is a driver by profession who worked for the owner of the management. The injured victim was instantly transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical help. In the hospital, the victim was assisted by the medical staff and taken for the treatment after which he was reported in a stable condition.