Caribbean Tourism Organisation hosts event to promote sustainable tourism

Caribbean Tourism Organisation organised a program to focus on the promotion of sustainable tourism in the collaboration with Grenada.

Event held by Caribbean Tourism Organization for sustainability.
Event held by Caribbean Tourism Organization for sustainability.

Grenada: The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) organised a program to focus on the approaches of the authorities towards the promotion of sustainable tourism. The event is organised in the collaboration with Grenada Tourism Authority which started on Monday, 22 April, and will go on till Wednesday, 24 April.

The prime intention of the event is to focus on the methods of sustainable tourism during the times of changes that are observed in the global scenarios and nature. Under the same intention, the event by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation is promoted under the theme of the five Ps which are People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, and Partnership.

The event is organised with the collaborators involved in the development in the sector with many other prominent figures paving the way to the Sustainable Tourism Conference that is scheduled to be organised for this year of 2024.

The Sustainable Tourism Conference for 2024 is destined to become an event of gathers many experts in the sector. The conference will become the stage of discussion for the experts to discuss about the innovative tourism practices in the Caribbean region.

The event will also focus on the use of the abundant natural and cultural assets of the Caribbean island and waters that could be used as exemplary solutions to tackle the issue related to sustainable tourism. The stakeholders of the sector see that it has the potential to offer strategies for leveraging emerging prospects.

Adam Stewart initiated the anticipated event with his keynote speech on the opening day of the three day program. In the speech, he mentioned about the agenda of the event and focus points for which all the personalities gathered under one roof. Adam Stewart is a distinguished advocate for sustainable tourism with which he also holds the responsibilities of the Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International.

The event by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation is divided into multiple sessions where the agendas of the gathering will be divided into specific focus points to get a healthy discussion and better results. The discussion will begin with the topic of nature conservation which will the health of the nature and planet with other living forms.

With this, it is also mentioned that the discussion will go through the empowerment of the people by focusing on the necessary points like inclusion, diversity, and equity with the importance of education in the tourism industry to bring sustainable growth.

It is noted that in the event, with all other important topics of discussion and implementation, there will be one major highlighted procedure take place. That will be a special addition by the nation of Grenada as they just marked their 50th anniversary of independence in 2024. Grenada will bring the spotlight on the progress of the nation in the field while achieving excellence by bringing public and private sectors together for necessary ventures.