Himalaya and Renovi become partners in medical tourism

Himalaya Technologies and Renovi Recovery SRL come together to invest in the development of the medical tourism in Caribbean.

Himalaya and Renovi become partners in medical tourism sector.
Himalaya and Renovi become partners in medical tourism sector.

Caribbean: Himalaya Technologies and Renovi Recovery SRL came together as partners to invest in the development of the tourism sector that is focused on the medical issues in the Caribbean region. The intention of the collaboration is to grab their ground together in the potential growth of medical tourism.

Himalaya Technologies is a FOMO WORLDWIDE affiliated company that serves widely in the fields of investment and business, with its health and technology sectors in collaboration with its subsidiary companies, where Renovi is a real estate development Company with its headquarters in Santo Domingo.

David Burns, the CEO of Renovi, has been appointed to the board of advisory for the new collaboration. He will be responsible for the growth and management of the projects that will be initiated with time and potentially grow to the nations of the Caribbean and also in Latin America and other nations step by step.

David Burns is seen as the perfect candidate to lead the ventures of two companies as he comes with the experience of more than twenty five in the business. He served in the sectors of real estate, B2B software, supply chain management, and international logistics in his career.

Under the plans of the companies in collaboration to develop the chains of resorts and infrastructure to serve the medical tourism market by providing multiple therapies and medical plans. As per the financial experts, the medical tourism market is growing very quickly and has huge potential in the future.

The market value of medical tourism was recorded at over twenty three billion US dollars in the last financial year of 2023 based on which it is estimated that the industry will grow to nearly hundred and twenty two billion US dollars by 2032.

On the collaboration for medical tourism in the Caribbean, David Burns said in his statement, “I am passionate about health and wellness and particularly excited to meet the need of patients suffering from serious illness to help them to recover faster and enhance their quality of life. The importance of exceptional medical care in treating these patients is obvious.”

He added, “However, what is equally important and often overlooked is the need for a comprehensive, healthy living ecosystem, including a healthy diet, exercise, and community. Renovi kept offering a unique solution to this important need. Now, I am thrilled to work with Himalaya on the new projects and also looking forward to telling Renovi’s story to the investment community in detail.”