Another murder recorded by fatal shooting in Laventille

39-year-old man murdered in a fatal shooting attack by four unknown assailants Laventille on Thursday, 02 May.

Another murder recorded by fatal shooting in Laventille. Image Credit: KSBY
Another murder recorded by fatal shooting in Laventille. Image Credit: KSBY

Trinidad and Tobago: A 39-year-old man was murdered in Laventille through a fatal shooting attack by four unknown assailants. The fatal incident was recorded in a football field in the locality where the victim was present on the evening of Thursday, 02 May, around 7:30 pm.

The victim who lost his life in the targeted fatal shooting in the Laventille suburb of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is identified in the reports. The name of the deceased victim is disclosed to be Jerome Findley, who was commonly famous as Pumpkin Man. The dead man lived in a neighbourhood along Upper Wharton Street in Laventille.

As per the reports, the shooting case of Laventille on the victim was seeded when Jerome Findley was ambushed by unknown assailants while he was present on the football field. It is said that the victim was walking on the field when he was approached by a motor vehicle at the place, which was an SUV of white colour.

It is mentioned that the motor vehicle was occupied by four men who all got out of the SUV and ambushed the victim, while a driver stayed in the vehicle. Suddenly, the unknown assailant opened a targeted firing attack on the victim with the intention to kill him. The victim man observed the sudden attack on himself from which he attempted to escape. Anyhow, he got multiple hits by the bullets over his body and he collapsed onto the field.

Straight after the fatal act of shooting, the unknown assailants got back to their motor vehicle which was ready to leave the place and they fled in it. Eventually, the police department responsible for the locality received the information about the fatal shooting in Laventille.

In response to the crime in the locality, the local police department took initial steps and ordered an assigned team to take charge. The police officers arrived at the reported crime scene where they spotted the blood-covered body of the victim which helped them to confirm the report. In the process, the investigating officer took the football field under their control and initiated the early investigation.

In the search of the crime scene, the police officers on duty collected spent shells from the ground which were eighteen counts of 9 mm ammunition. With shells, officers also found other stuff including two rings of golden colour with a chain and and a pair of earrings.

Reportedly, the deceased victim is said to be wearing shorts of multi-colour with a vest of black colour at the time of the fatal attack. The police department is conducting exercises related to the case to find the suspects in old in the case of murder by shooting. The inquiries are being conducted by the assigned officers while the authorities are asking for cooperation from the public.