Scarborough man found injured by shooting in Courland

Man found bleeding in a critical situation due to a shooting at Turtle Beach in Courland, Tobago on the evening of 02 May.

Scarborough man found injured by shooting in Courland. Image Credit: ABC News
Scarborough man found injured by shooting in Courland. Image Credit: ABC News

Trinidad and Tobago: A man found bleeding in a critical situation who was injured due to a shooting at Turtle Beach in Courland, Tobago. The victim suffered fatal injuries on the evening of Thursday, 02 May, around 7:20 pm, after which he was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

As per the reports, the injured victim of the shooting was spotted sitting under a tree on the day when he was in an unstable condition at the beach of Courland, a locality of Tobago along the northern coast of the island. The injured man was spotted by the people near the place who later informed the incident to law enforcement authorities.

It is mentioned that at nearly 7:28 pm on the day, the man was sitting under a tree at the place which seemed nothing suspicious but came out to be a serious condition when explored by people at the place. It is said that the man was found suffering from the injuries of gunshots and was covered with his own blood.

At the site, the man was in critical condition while he was bleeding from the wounds which he got from gunshots on his chest. The victim was also oozing from his nose and mouth. The situation of the man raised concern and the information was immediately passed to the law enforcement department.

On the information received from a victim man of a shooting in the locality of Courland, a team of officers on duty from Shirvan Road Police Station took charge in response. At the site of the incident, the police officers arrived and conducted an inquiry which revealed that the sound of the gunshot was heard by the people around which helped them to spot the incident.

Anyhow, no information was collected by the officers about how the incident took place or if any suspect was involved in the crime. The identity of the injured victim is also not confirmed for now but it is said that the man belongs to a residence of Scarborough, a town of Tobago along the southern coast of the island.

The police officers saw the man in injured condition after they confirmed the report of the Courland shooting and raised a call to the Emergency Health Services for help. Subsequently, the victim man was moved to the Scarborough General Hospital under observation. In the hospital, the injured man was assisted by medical staff and taken for emergency treatment.

On Friday 03 May the injured man remained in the hospital and the verdict on his critical health was not declared. The man was later moved to the adult surgical ward where he was kept under medical observation.

On the other hand, the team of assigned investigating officers proceeded with the protocols and seized the place of the shooting incident to conduct the investigation. In the search of the place, the police officers managed to recover three counts of live bullets of 9 mm. With this officers found nearly twenty-nine rounds of 5.56 spent shells and eight spent shells of 9 mm.

From the site, the law enforcement officers collected a spring of magazine that is said to be found near the injured man. The police department collected all the findings to use as clues while the investigation into the case is ongoing. The officers are trying to figure out the reason behind the act.