Trinidad: La Romaine Labourer shot in an early morning dispute

Trinidad: La Romaine Labourer shot in an early morning dispute
Trinidad: La Romaine Labourer shot in an early morning dispute

A minor dispute led to a shooting incident in Trinidad and Tobago’s La Romaine on Monday. The victim sustained minor injuries and is undergoing treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital. 

The injured is identified as 30-year-old Miguel Montano, who was also seen fighting with the accused at Pemberton Street near his home. 

Reportedly, the accused allegedly pulled out a gun from his pants waist and shot Montano twice in his arm.

The victim’s grandmother, who is a key eyewitness to the incident, told the police that Montano was arguing with a man near about 1:10 am until she heard gunshots and ran towards him.

She was not able to see who drew the gun and shot the bullets as they ran immediately after the incident.

One of the victim’s friends took him to the San Fernando General hospital where Montano is currently being treated for the gunshot injuries and a surgery for the fractured shoulder.

While investigating the police got to know from the nurse that only a single bullet had hit his right upper arm causing a broken shoulder and injuries.

The police also recovered two spent nine-millimetre shells, one nine-millimetre bullet and one live nine-millimetre round from the crime scene.

The investigators continue to piece together the events leading to gun shots on Miguel Montano, they are majorly relying on the victim’s words and the forensic evidence to get to the suspect.

Reportedly, the victim’s grandmother is  the only eye witness of the incident at the moment. The police are also investigating the ammunition recovered from the crime scene. 

Authorities are also examining any possible motives behind the altercation that transformed into violence, in an effort to understand the circumstances that led to the shooting and investigate to provide justice to those who got affected with the violence.