Guanaboa Vale police investigating murder case of a local man

A local man got killed by shooting in his house which also left a woman injured in the act. Police is investigating the murder case.

Homicide unit investigated murder of 29-year-old man in Carenage. Image Credit: Lawwallet
Homicide unit investigated murder of 29-year-old man in Carenage. Image Credit: Lawwallet

Jamaica: The investigation is launched to catch the three culprits of a murder at the house of the male victim at Naseberry Grove in Guanaboa Vale, Saint Catherine. The incident was reported were the victim was shot dead by the armed assailants which also left a woman injured at the crime scene on the night of Thursday, 04 July, around 11:00 pm.

In the murder case of Guanaboa Vale, the victims of the shooting was identified through the sources which disclosed them as the residents of the Saint Catherine parish in Jamaica. The dead victim, who lost his life in the attack was a 31-year-old man, officially named as Kevin Smith. The other victim was a 34-year-old woman, who suffered injuries in the fatal act.

As per the recorded details about the murder case, both victim were at the house in the locality of the Guanaboa Vale town, which belonged to Kevin Smith. While the victims were together in the house, the unexpected act of home invasion took place by the three suspect. All three male assailants, among whom two were armed with guns, made their way inside the property without any authority or permission.

At nearly 11:00 pm, the man and woman in the house observed the unusual activity and found the three male suspect inside the place, who raised their guns on them. It is said that the victims tried to save themselves and made some efforts against the suspects which failed. The armed men took the victims on gunpoint during the struggle and fired shots which left both the individuals injured at the place.

The murder case in a house of Guanaboa Vale was registered by the police department after they received the information of the criminal act in the locality. The assigned police officers arrived at the mentioned address where they found the injured victims covered in the blood, while the assistants were already out of the place.

Subsequently, the police officers seized the house of the victim and started with the early investigation. The lawmen found that the male victim was not responding. Both the victims were immediately help to receive the medical help and were assisted to the Spanish Town Hospital. In the hospital, the injured woman was admitted for the treatment while the man was officially marked dead after the examination.