Santa Cruz: Unidentified decomposing body found

Body of an unidentified dead man was found in the Santa Cruz town of Trinidad and Tobago at the stage of decomposing on 15 April.

Santa Cruz: Unidentified dead man found in decomposing stage.
Santa Cruz: Unidentified dead man found in decomposing stage.

Trinidad and Tobago: The body of an unidentified dead man was found at the stage of decomposing in the Santa Cruz town of Trinidad and Tobago. The discovery was made in the forest area of the locality along La Canoa Road on Monday, 15 April, around 2:00 pm. The authorities are trying to trace the identity of the dead man.

The police department has been involved and looking for the reason behind the death. As per the reports, the decomposing body of the dead man was observed by the local people of Lower Santa, who lived in the neighbourhood along La Canoa Road, located in the northwestern part of Trinidad.

The residents of the area detected a weird smell in the locality that made them suspicious about the situation, which was later found to be a decomposing dead body. The reports were instantly made to the police department about the unsettling situation.

After receiving the information about the suspicious situation in the locality of their jurisdiction, a team of investigating officers took charge. After arriving at the mentioned address of the locality, the police officers recorded the statements to know about the issue after which the action was taken.

Subsequently, the police officers on duty confirmed the report and started with the search exercise in the locality. The search operation led the officers to the decomposing dead body of a man which was around a hundred and fifty feet inside the forest of Santa Cruz off the roadway.

Straight after the initial discovery, the information was passed by the officers to the head office. After that, a team of officers from the homicide bureau joined the investigation with the northeastern division police under the leadership of Sgt Ramoutar.

The designated medical officer was also summoned to the scene of the discovery for the examination. The pronouncement was made and the order of the removal of the dead body was passed after the examination of the decomposing body by the designated medical officer in Santa Cruz.

The dead body was transferred to the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park for the post-mortem and further proceedings. The police officers are trying to figure out the reason for the death which is assumed to be a crime case. The reports will take the investigation in a direction.

The local people of Santa Cruz and the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago are sharing their opinions in the case of the discovery of a decomposing dead body. The people are saying, “Oh god. Fix this place. When we will see the day when there will be no more crimes, no more unfortunate deaths of innocents? Definitely, this will also come out as a murder. We know that. This is not the first time something like this has been seen and unfortunately also not the last.”