Saint Lucia: Price of LPG Cooking Gas lowered by 13%

The retail prices of the 20-lb and 22-lb LPG cooking gas cylinders have been reduced in Saint Lucia by 31%

Fuel in Saint Lucia
Fuel in Saint Lucia

Castries, Saint Lucia: The retail prices of the 20-lb and 22-lb LPG cooking gas cylinders have been reduced in Saint Lucia by 31%. With the new adjustments of the fuel prices, the cooking gas will remain low for consumers in this month.

The low in the prices of the fuel products have benefited the consumers as the cooking gas determined the inflation and the prices of several other products in the country. The fuel prices have decreased due to the subsidies announced by the government of Saint Lucia as it maintained the adjustments with the prices of the products across the globe.

Without the subsidies, the price of the 20-lb LPG Cooking Gas stood at $52.63 and the subsidies have lowered the rate by $16.36. Now, the consumers from across Saint Lucia will have to pay $36.00 for their cooking gas.

In addition to that, the price of the 22-lb LPG cooking stood at $57.90 without the subsidies which was applied before in Saint Lucia. Now, the subsidy have been implemented on the prices due to which, the price have lowered the retail price of 22-lb LPG Cooking Gas by $17.99.

Now, the retail price of the fuel products stood at $39.60 which will be applied on the consumers for one month till the new adjustments have been unveiled.

According to the government of Saint Lucia, new price adjustments have come into force on June 17, 2024, and will run through July 17, 2024.

Every month, the retail prices of the products have been changed with adjustments in the prices across the globe and the governments have to maintain their budget accordingly. The fuel prices also determine the prices of several other products such as other basic needs of the citizens as with the increase, there will be an increment in other products.

Cooking is considered essential for everyone’s daily life as it is used for several purposes in homes which are necessary. The fuel prices will determine the prices of the things which are used in the day-to-day lives.