Four booked for fraud to gain US visa as fake police officers

Three women and an old man held for fraud of providing fake identities as police officers to gain the US visa.

Four booked for fraud to gain US visa as fake police officers. Image Credit: VisaBud
Four booked for fraud to gain US visa as fake police officers. Image Credit: VisaBud

Trinidad and Tobago: The arrest of the four fraud individuals is disclosed by the authorities who made an attempt to gain the US visa by providing fake identities and documents. The four suspects, among whom three are women, applied for the visas where they claimed to be members of the police department. The fraud made by the suspect was caught by the US embassy, after which on Tuesday, 02 July, three accused were held, and one was arrested on Wednesday, 03 July.

The authorities disclosed the details of the culprits involved in the fraud to get the US visa. Among the four suspects, one was a 63-year-old male senior citizen, while the other three were women. The three others involved in the unlawful act were a 24-year-old woman, a 34-year-old woman, and a 43-year-old woman. The suspects are scheduled to answer the charges in front of Port of Spain magistrate.

As per the information provided by the authorities about the fraud, the four suspects were held after the officers discovered a problem with the details provided by the candidates for the US visa. The suspicious application was of the accused, who provided their details, claiming themselves police officers. After the cross-checking of the documents, it was found that the four candidates were providing fake information.

The information was passed by the US embassy to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Services about the illegal activity. The officers from the Fraud Squad were assigned to the case, and they started the operation to arrest the four culprits with the assistance of the US embassy’s Diplomatic Security Service. The youngest among four suspects was held at the embassy’s Marli Street building on Tuesday.

The suspected old man and 43-year-old woman were taken into custody on the same day from their house. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old female suspect was held the next day by the responding team of police officers. All four suspects involved in the fraud related to the US visa were interrogated and laid with multiple charges, including providing fraudulent documentation and falsely claiming to be police officers.

After the recent act of fraud to gain the US visa, the authorities of the US embassy released a public notice. In the notice, they declared that any unlawful activity to gain a visa will not only lead the perpetrator behind bars, but they will also become ineligible for a tourist visa to the US forever.