Beryl Impact: 20-year-old man washes away by floodwaters in Jamaica  

A 20-year-old man was fell in gully and washed away by floodwaters on Wednesday afternoon amidst the passing of the Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl Impact, kid washes away
Hurricane Beryl Impact, kid washes away

Jamaica: A 20-year-old man was fell in gully and washed away by floodwaters on Wednesday afternoon amidst the passing of the Hurricane Beryl. The incident happened in the community of Havanna, Arnet Gardens, St Andrew and the authorities stated that the search operation has been launched to locate the person.  

The missing person has been identified as the Alrick Moncrieffe, who is also known as “Lala” as the members of the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Fire Brigade is working on the search operation. The incident was outlined by one of his family members who said that the young man was playing football with friends in the rainfall.  

While playing football, they came near to the gully where the ball had fallen after someone had kicked it. In order to take back the ball, the boy tried to retrieve it, but the wind force made him fall into the gully, resulting in his washing due to the floodwaters.

Hurricane Beryl impact in Jamaica
Hurricane Beryl impact in Jamaica

  Moncrieffe is the common citizen who was doing multiple jobs including one as the security guard with McKay and another in the KFC in Crossroads, St Andrew. Besides this, he has also played for the Arnett Gardens Football Club as the goalkeeper.  

However, his family has told him to stay at home as the curfew was imposed in Jamaica to avoid any mishappening due to the inclement weather conditions. He refused to stay home, and went outside with his friends for playing football.  

Now, the search operation is underway to locate the man and the authorities advised the public to adopt cautious approach during this period of time. 

Notably, Hurricane Beryl hit Jamaica on Wednesday with wind speed of 140 mph and caused destruction to the infrastructure including streets. The flood water and sea level also surged in the country, halting major operations in the entire country. 

Now, the met department announced the discontinued of the Hurricane Warning which was issued due to the potential threats of heavy rainfall and wind intensity. The Flash Flood Watch has been put in place to avoid any other incident in the low-lying areas.  

The Hurricane Beryl has been moving away from Jamaica and has been slowing down due to the decline in the wind speed which is 260 km/h. In the current scenario, the rainfall is ongoing, and the situation is getting normal in the country due to the slow wind intensity.  

The residents were also seen enjoying the rain even the warning was put into the place and Jamaica is still in the “state of emergency” for seven days.