20-year-old man booked for kidnapping in Saint Joseph

20-year-old man is scheduled for an appearance in the court for a hearing in case of kidnapping of a woman in Saint Joseph.

20-year-old man booked for kidnapping in Saint Joseph. Image Credit: ABC4 Utah
20-year-old man booked for kidnapping in Saint Joseph. Image Credit: ABC4 Utah

Trinidad and Tobago: A 20-year-old man is scheduled for an appearance in the court for a hearing in the case of the kidnapping of a woman in Saint Joseph. The man was arrested in connection with the kidnapping case in which the police department already killed four culprits in an encounter. The accused was charged for ransom with other offences after his arrest.

The case of kidnapping in Saint Joseph was reported on Saturday, 18 May, on which the responsible police unit was conducting an operation. The investigation conducted by the assigned officers led to the arrest of an accused man, who was found connected to the crime. The accused is identified as Kevin Augustus from the sources, who was commonly named as Pa.

The accused man is a mechanic by profession who lives in the Maracas locality of Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is a town situated in Trinidad on the northwestern part of the island. The case was of a victim named Anisha Hosein Singh, who was kidnapped on the day her husband was shot by two assailants on his face. The 27-year-old victim was a vendor by profession and running an establishment, Sauce Doubles.

As per the reports, the act of kidnapping and the shooting against the victims was observed on the morning of the day, around 05:50 am. At the time, the victims were present along Eastern Main Road and setting up the doubles stand. While they were busy in their work, a b15 motor vehicle of silver colour with registration number PBM 4308 arrived there.

It is mentioned that the motor car was possessed by two individuals who were reportedly armed with illegal firearms. The assistants appeared from the motor vehicle and grabbed the victim, Anisha Hosein Singh. The suspects started dragging the woman to force her inside their motor car. In response, the husband of the victim intervened to save his wife from the assailants.

Reportedly, one of the armed assailants pulled their firearms against the husband and shot a bullet that hit the face of the man. Straight after, the assailants kidnapped the woman from the site of the crime in Saint Joseph and fled from the place in their b15 motor vehicle.

Subsequently, the information about the criminal act of shooting and the kidnapping reached the police department in response to which the local police unit took the initial charge. The operation launched by the law enforcement department led the investigating police officers to the locality of Lluengo Village at Maracas Valley in St Joseph.

At the location, the responding team of police officers found the b15 motor car involved in the crime which was left abandoned at the place. The operation also led the police department to the culprits involved in the Saint Joseph kidnapping case on Thursday, 23 May. On the day, an encounter took place in the forested area along The Zone locality in Saint Augustine in which four culprits were shot dead by the police officers.

The ongoing investigation into the case helped the police officers collect more evidence which highlighted the connection of the accused, Kevin Augustus, with the kidnapping of Anisha in Saint Joseph. The accused was arrested and later charged by PC Dhoray on the advice of Roger Gaspard SC, Director of Public Prosecutions on Tuesday, 28 May.