Kingston man charged in murder case of 16-year-old girl

23-year-old man charged on 5 March in case of murder of a 16-year-old girl in a fatal shooting in Kingston on 24 February.

Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald
Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald

Jamaica: A 23-year-old man was charged by the law enforcement department on Tuesday, 5 March, in the case of the murder of a 16-year-old girl in a fatal shooting at her home in Albion Avenue in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, on Saturday, 24 February.

The culprit in the murder case of Kingston is identified by his name as Taje Squire, who also lives at Albion Avenue. The teenage victim of the fatal shooting attack is identified with her name of Bianca Thompson, who was also known by her common name of Abby.

The suspect, Taje Squire, is charged by the authorities after the interrogation with the related offences in the Kingston murder case including possession of an illegal weapon, use of an illegal weapon to commit a crime, shooting with intent, and possession of ammunition without any permission.

As per the reports, the incident of the murder of a 16-year-old girl, Bianca Thompson, took place on the day while she was on her bed at her Kingston house. It is assumed that the victim was killed while she was sleeping and the suspect went to her place with the intention of killing her.

The explosion sound of the shooting was observed by the nearby people living in the community. The community raised the concern and reported the incident to the police department. The police officers from the Denham Town police took the initial charge and went to the place of the incident.

At the crime scene, the police officers searched the place after arriving at the site to explore the incident. In the search, the police officers found the teenage victim of the shooting attack on her bed.

The victim, Bianca, who was bleeding from her wounds from the gunshots, was immediately assisted to the hospital for medical help. Bianca Thompson was not able to survive the attack and lost her life in the hospital.

Straight after, the police officer confirmed the report of the shooting and took the house of the victim under their control. The house was searched to collect the evidence and clues left behind by the culprit.

Reportedly, a team of officers from the law enforcement department conducted the inquiries and the investigation in the Kingston murder case. The investigation led the officers to the culprit, Taje Squire, who was held by the police officers on Tuesday, 27 February.

The culprit was taken into custody and eventually charged with the related offences committed by him. It is said that the court date for Taje Squire to appear in court is fixed and will soon be taken in front of the judge for the hearing under the same charges laid on him.