Kingston: Police seized US $33,400 with firearm, six held

Police held six in case of possessing a amount of US currency illegally around 33,400 dollars which was seized in Kingston on 18 February.

Kingston: Police seized 33,400 in US currency with firearm, six held. Image Credit: Facebook, Mark
Kingston: Police seized 33,400 in US currency with firearm, six held. Image Credit: Facebook, Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt

Jamaica: The police department held six individuals and charged them in the case of possessing a large amount of US currency illegally said to be around 33,400 US dollars which was seized by the police officers with a firearm and ammunition in an anti-crime operation in Franklyn Town in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, on Sunday, 18 February around 5:20 am. The identities of the suspects are not confirmed till now.

As per the reports, the incident of arrest and seizure of US currency by the police department in Kingston was done under an anti-crime operation that was conducted by a team of police officers at a premises on Lacy Road.

Reportedly, the police officers conducted a targeted raid under the operation on the premises of Fernandez Avenue at nearly 5:20 am. It is mentioned that during the search of the place, the police officers recovered a sum amount of US currency valued at 33,400 US dollars possessed by the suspects.

It is also said that the police officers also searched one other premise at the same location where they recovered illegal firearms and ammunition possessed by the suspects without any permission. In the search, the police officers found a Glock 19 pistol of 9mm with a magazine that was carrying eleven 9mm ammunition.

The illegal firearm and ammunition were found by the police officers hidden inside the bathroom of the resident. The six suspects involved in the crimes were arrested by the police officers immediately after the search and were eventually charged with the relevant offenses respectively.

The officers from the police department and related authorities are conducting the investigation and inquiries into the case to collect more clues and evidence related to the crime. The police department intends to get the lead against the criminals which could be turned into more arrests.

The citizens of the nation and the residents of the communities around Kingston are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the incident of arrests of six suspects for illegally possessing US currency and a firearm with ammunition which was seized by the officers.

People are saying, “People doing things out there that is quite profitable. You know how hard you have to work to accumulate that kinda money? That is why crime is rampant out there. The criminals are making tons of money in the underworld and their numbers are growing steadily.”