Island of Tobago observes first quadruple murder

First quadruple murder in the year 2024 recorded after a hospitalised injured victim of the fatal shooting attack lost his life in Tobago.

Island of Tobago observes first quadruple murder. Image Credit: The Hill
Island of Tobago observes first quadruple murder. Image Credit: The Hill

Trinidad and Tobago: The twin-island nation in the Caribbean Sea records its first quadruple murder in the year 2024 after an injured victim of a fatal shooting attack lost his life in Tobago. The criminal act was reported in the early hours of Monday, 08 July, around 12:30 am, when four men were targeted by the two armed assailants in the locality of Black Rock. Three of the four victims were marked lifeless at the site, while the fourth was taken to the hospital, where now he was pronounced dead.

The dead victim who lost his life as the last of four in the quadruple murder in Tobago is identified in the reports as a 42-year-old man. The deceased man was named Jumoke Duncan, who was a resident of Bethel. The three individuals who were pronounced dead straight after the fatal shooting were a 56-year-old man named Anslem Douglas from Calder Hall, a 54-year-old man named Gregory Hamlet from Golden Lane, and a 35-year-old man named Samuel Mckain from Mt Pleasant.

As per the information shared on the quadruple murder in Tobago, the four men were together at the time of the fatal shooting attack in which they were killed. It is said that the group of four men were playing and enjoying card games with each other when the assistant arrived at the scene with aggression. There were two suspects who approached the group of victims in Black Rock and attacked them unexpectedly with the guns both were carrying to execute the crime.

Reportedly, the four male victims were confronted by the two armed assailants who launched open firing against them. In the shooting act, all four victims were wounded severely, which led to their deaths eventually. In the locality along the main road, the four victims were left in a pool of blood to die. The culprits of the fatal act, after executing the targeted shooting, immediately left the crime scene and fled.

Subsequently, the case of the fatal shooting act against four individuals along the main road in Black Road was informed to the law protection force. After getting the information about the life-taking act in the locality under their responsibility, the police unit took charge. The assigned party of lawmen made their way to the crime scene in response and secured the site for early investigation. the responding team saw the wounded victims at the site after which they examined the victims.

In the proceedings at the crime scene, the three individuals were found lifeless who instantly lost their lives on the spot, while one was still breathing. The injured victim, Jumoke Duncan, was instantly helped to reach the Scarborough General Hospital under medical observation for treatment. In the hospital, Jumoke Duncan was examined and admitted in critical condition. The injured man was eventually pronounced dead, and the case of the first quadruple murder in Tobago was registered.

Meanwhile, the other three dead bodies were taken for the process of post-mortem directly. The police department is in search of the culprits who committed the homicide. The quadruple murder case took the number of killings in Tobago to sixteen till now in the year, which crossed the total killings reported in the year 2023. This is the highest number of murders recorded on the island since 2009. The authorities are taking action to improve police facilities on the island after observing an increase in violent cases.