UWP Threatens Dominica’s Economic Future

Efforts to halt the national growth projects is not new for the opposition as it has been making efforts to put down Dominica many times in the past.

Leader of UWP - Lennox Linton (PC - Facebook)

The United Workers Party (UWP) of Dominica is making efforts to destabilize the national economy by labelling baseless allegations against the development projects underway in Dominica.

Efforts to halt the national growth projects is not new for the opposition as it has been making efforts to put down Dominica many times in the past. If UWP succeeds in halting the work on the new international airport construction among many others, it would cause economic turmoil in the country and this would be the last thing to happen in Dominica.

Economic analysts state that the impact on the national economy would be equivalent to a nuclear bomb devastating the hopes and dreams of thousands of Dominicans. The expert cited, “Dominica is projected to grow by about 4.6% according to the IMF, and projects like the Marina and others yet to come will be game-changers if realized.

Paul Alexander, a Dominican resident has expressed, “It is confirmed that the biggest threat to the safety, security and economy of the Dominican people in general is the UWP.

Dominica International Airport construction in full swing, says CEO Johnson
Dominica International Airport construction in full swing

All efforts must be made at all costs to defend the international airport and other major projects, as their collapse would undoubtedly mean a bleak future for Dominica,” he further said.

It is worth mentioning that the United Workers Party under the leadership of Lennox Linton made many attempts to halt the national progress. The actions are seen as political efforts to climb the ladder to the top chair.

Lennox Linton, the former leader of the opposition, was accused of engaging in corrupt activities during his tenure. Reports suggest that Linton allegedly accepted a $1 million contribution from businessman Terry Baron to illegally fund his political campaign.

Lenox Linton with Terry Baron

Further complicating the accusations, an Al-Jazeera investigation has exposed Linton for purportedly signing an official document that promised a diplomatic passport to a businessman in exchange for campaign funds, contingent upon his election to power.

Document released by Al Jazeera promising to provide diplomatic passport in exchange for election funding by Opposition Leader Lennox Linton.

UWP Criticized for Lack of Vision

The United Workers Party (UWP), known for its aggressive stance that it deserves to govern, faces criticism for its lack of vision for Dominica’s future. Critics argue that for many years, the party has failed to present a concrete manifesto detailing its plans and implementation strategies should it be elected to power.

Moreover, the UWP has frequently been accused of adopting negative tactics aimed at discrediting the government and public projects. This approach not only undermines ongoing developmental efforts but also risks tarnishing the nation’s reputation on the international stage.