Zoho cofounder Sridhar Vembu returns to India: faces allegations of abandoning family

Sridhar Vembu- the CEO and co-founder of Zoho, who recently left California and returned to India, has been facing allegations of abandoning his wife, Pramila Srinivasan and their child.

Zoho cofounder Sridhar Vembu returns to India: faces allegations of abandoning family
Zoho cofounder Sridhar Vembu returns to India: faces allegations of abandoning family

In the bustling world of tech entrepreneurship, the luminous reputation of Sridhar Vembu, co-founder and CEO of Zoho, is swiftly losing its glow. Accusations of personal misconduct are quickly eroding the halo surrounding this once-renowned figure, painting a stark contrast to his professional image of business acumen and visionary leadership.

The allegations, put forth by his wife of 29 years, Pramila Srinivasan, maintain that Vembu abandoned his family in the United States, including a special needs child and fled to India in 2020.

Recently, Vembu’s seemingly idyllic and much-publicized shift from California’s frenetic Silicon Valley to the confines of a rural village in Tamil Nadu has been mired in controversy.

It’s alleged that this move, initially perceived as an empowering ode to his roots, was actually a means to evade familial responsibilities.

Vembu, according to Srinivasan’s close sources, hasn’t returned to the US since his initial departure, leaving his wife and their child to grapple with the unexpected void.

Further exacerbating the matter, Vembu reportedly initiated divorce proceedings against Srinivasan in August 2021, nine months after leaving his family. The manner in which this was communicated, via a WhatsApp message, as well as the abruptness of his actions, has provoked a wave of criticism against the Zoho CEO.

These disconcerting revelations, coming from within Vembu’s closest circles, starkly tarnish the public image he has meticulously curated over the years.


Sridhar Vembu’s name is now further ensnared in allegations of financial misconduct, adding another disheartening layer to an already complicated personal narrative. Pramila Srinivasan, in the ongoing divorce case in California, accuses Vembu of disposing of a significant portion of his Zoho stake in a convoluted transaction that allegedly relocated the company’s intellectual property to India.

This purportedly illegal move, Srinivasan contends, allowed Vembu to place the majority of his shares in the hands of his sister and her husband without her knowledge or consent, throwing a dubious light on the tech mogul’s business practices.

Sridhar Vembu continues to dodge critical questions regarding the financial and familial allegations laid against him, further tarnishing his reputation. Despite several attempts by Associates Times to engage him in a series of pertinent queries, Vembu remains noticeably silent.

Neither repeated emails nor phone calls have managed to solicit a response, only adding fuel to the fire of public speculation and concern.

The queries in question, straightforward yet revealing, include whether Vembu has visited his special needs son since his separation from his wife three years ago, and if his son’s condition was a factor in his departure.

Additionally, Vembu has been asked to clarify his financial dealings, specifically if his sister and brother-in-law paid cash from their own resources for the Zoho IP he allegedly “sold” them, along with 83% of the shares of Zoho India in 2011.

Vembu’s silence extends to his mysteriously low stake in the company – a mere 5% compared to his brother’s 7-fold higher share in Zoho India. Did his brother acquire these shares through personal or borrowed funds? What role did he play to merit receiving them? These queries, left unanswered, are amplifying the criticisms levied against Vembu, casting a long shadow on his once-stellar reputation.

The final, arguably most critical question, is whether Vembu disclosed his familial ties to the US Internal Revenue Service during their audit of his alleged sale of Zoho IP to his sister and her husband.

As these allegations continue to pile up and Vembu’s silence persists, his leadership is increasingly called into question. The public, his employees, and the tech world at large are left to wonder: how can we trust a man who won’t address the allegations against him?

Vembu’s decision to relocate from Silicon Valley to a rural village in Tamil Nadu, initially seen as a commendable move towards embracing his roots, is now viewed in a different light. Srinivasan alleges that this move was not an empowering ode to his origins, but a calculated escape from his responsibilities towards his family, including a special needs child. This drastic shift in perspective transforms Vembu’s narrative from that of a pioneering entrepreneur to a man who abandoned his family.

The unfolding saga surrounding Zoho’s CEO, Sridhar Vembu, represents a cautionary tale for tech magnates and entrepreneurs alike. Vembu’s silence in the face of serious allegations – both personal and financial – is not only threatening to dismantle his carefully constructed professional image but also reflects poorly on his credibility and trustworthiness.

As his reputation hangs in the balance, the public, industry peers, and his company’s stakeholders are watching closely. The outcome of these allegations could mark a crucial turning point in the narrative of this once-respected figure in the tech world. The moral of the story may well be that, regardless of one’s professional achievements, personal integrity and transparency should never be compromised.

However, according to Forbes, Vembu denied the allegations. He stated, “I never transferred any shares to anyone and my (and therefore Pramila’s) financial interest in these entities never went down, so the question does not arise of me hiding anything.” He meant that he hadn’t given any company shares to anyone else, and because of that, his and Pramila’s financial stake in the businesses hadn’t decreased. Therefore, according to him, there’s no possibility that he’s trying to hide anything.

He also disregarded the media reports about his financial standings.