Youtuber David Hoffmann embarks on Dominica fruit journey, tours Free Up Farms

David Hoffmann- A Youtuber, had the best time in Dominica fruit journey as he toured Free Up Farms, located along a winding road in a lush green rainforest in the mountains of Dominica, roughly 30 minutes south of Portsmouth. 

Roseau, Dominica: David Hoffmann- A Youtuber, had the best time in Dominica fruit journey as he toured Free Up Farms, located along a winding road in a lush green rainforest in the mountains of Dominica, roughly 30 minutes south of Portsmouth

In a video posted on his channel @Davidsbeenhere, he shared mesmerizing experience with the food production of Dominica and stated that the country is known for its Banana productions. 

David Hoffmann, with 1M subscribers on YouTube, started David’s Been Here in 2008. He has travelled to over 1,300 destinations in 95 countries to experience and document unique cultures on his YouTube channel, travel blog, and social media. 

During his travelling, he highlights culture and historical sites, but his passion is food. He loves to experience and showcase the different flavours each destination has to offer, from casual street food to gourmet restaurant dining.

While experiencing fruit production in Dominica, the Youtuber said that the island of Dominica is well-known for its fruit production. After several hurricanes, Dominica—traditionally known for its banana production—began producing other sustainable crops, including avocados, coconut, guava, and passionfruit. 

“That brings us to places like Free Up Farms, located along a winding road in a lush green rainforest in the mountains of Dominica roughly 30 minutes south of Portsmouth,” Hoffmann added. 

FREE UP FARMS: David Hoffmann asserted that free-Up Farms is all about permaculture and regenerative agriculture. It came about in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island back in 2017. 

He added that it consists of 7 acres on an old citrus and avocado farm, which the hurricane completely destroyed. They grow upwards of 40 varieties of fruits and many herbs, including banana, papaya, passionfruit, grapefruit, oranges, thyme, lemongrass, cranberry hibiscus leaf, and more. Their fresh fruit smoothies, passionfruit, and coffee are fantastic. 

Youtuber also showed Citronelle Bay and stated that it’s kind of a rare bay leaf that smells like citronella and because it’s delicious people can make a tea out of it. 

CALL D SHOTS: At this roadside stand, he tried a strong, medicinal drink made from herbs and anise and a ginger shot. He followed it with fried tuna, a cheese bake, and a regular bake with pepper sauce. Finally, Hoffmann ended with a culantro shot with some of the local guys. 

In the next video, David Hoffmann also shared his experience of getting a Haircut in the middle of the rainforest of Dominica. He got the haircut from his friend Darryl and stated that the whole experience was so relaxing.

He shared the entire processing of the HAIRCUT in the middle of jungles. He added, “After my boat trip down the Indian River to the Bush Bar in the jungles of Dominica, I got a haircut right in the middle of the rainforest.” 

HAIRCUT: Youtuber stated that his new friend Darryl gave him a haircut in the middle of the jungle, along the wooden walkway leading to the Bush Bar. First, he used several different clippers to shave my head, and then he trimmed up his beard and sideburns nicely. The whole experience was so relaxing he fell asleep a few times. 

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