Women’s vehicle robbed by three imposters who dressed as police officials

A vehicle of a woman has been robbed by three gunmen who were dressed in police uniform on New Year’s Eve.

Antigua and Barbuda: A vehicle of a woman has been robbed by three gunmen who were dressed in police uniform on New Year’s Eve. The incident occurred on Hawkins Drive at about 3:45 am in Antigua and Barbuda.

The incident was one of three vehicle robberies that were reported on the occasion of New Year (Monday). In the first incident, the woman with her car, a Toyota Vitz, was stopped by the police impersonators when she was driving to her location. She said that the robber started demanding money, and on refusal, they started pulling her from the car.

Further, they drove off in an easterly direction, causing a problematic situation for the lady. Then, they robbed her vehicle as her cellular phone was also in the vehicle.

In the second incident on Sunday morning at the same time, these robbers also stopped and robbed a vehicle, a Honda CRV, of a man. They also took his cash and gold, which was available in the car. The man reported that he had just reached home when he heard a sound at his door.

Further, suddenly, two masked gunmen entered and ordered him to the floor. They took $200.00 from his pocket and a further $3,000.00 when they ransacked his house. Besides this, they also took the key to his car along with the licence plate A67267. After that, they took the car in a westerly direction.

In the third incident, the motorist had to face these attackers at 7: 30 pm on Sunday. He was on his white Noah Van on Old Parhan Road, Antigua and Barbuda where his vehicle was being robbed.

As per the reports, the motorist said that he purchased food at a restaurant and returned to his vehicle after some time. But he was stopped by a man dressed in all-black, who pointed a gun at him and demanded the key.

In order to escape the threats, the person left the vehicle, and then the attacker took the vehicle and drove it off in another direction. The license plate of the vehicle was C21756.

With the reporting of three back-to-back incidents has caught the attention of the police officials and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. They assured that the investigation would be conducted thoroughly to catch the robbers.

Police also demanded cooperation from the citizens and asked about the information.