Woman arrested with marijuana and ammunition in Couva

Woman and two sons arrested by police in anti-crime operation recovering ammunition, magazines with marijuana in Couva on Thursday.

Man arrested with a firearm under police operation in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Man arrested with a firearm under police operation in Arima. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Trinidad and Tobago: A woman got arrested by police officers with her two sons in an anti-crime operation recovering ammunition and rifle magazines with marijuana at their home in the Couva district of Trinidad on Thursday, 1 February.

As per the reports, the intelligence-led anti-crime operation in Couva was conducted by the police department on the day from 7:00 am to 10:30 am. One of the sons of the arrested woman is a minor.

In the operation, police officers went to the place of the suspects and searched the house in their presence. In the search, police officers found three blocks in the house, which was confirmed to be marijuana on examination. The three blocks together weighed around 1.6 kilograms of marijuana possessed by suspects.

Police officers also recovered ammunition in the house carried by suspects without any permission. The officers discovered 22 rounds of ammunition of 5.56mm, 10 rounds of ammunition of 12 gauge and two rounds of 40 calibre ammunition.

It is mentioned that police officers also found three magazines with the ammunition, including a 9mm magazine, a single drum rifle barrel and a double drum rifle barrel magazine. The suspects were also carrying a camouflage t-shirt with long pants.

The suspect woman, with her two sons, was immediately arrested by the police officer and taken under custody.

The local residents in the communities of Couva and people around the island nation, after hearing about the police operations recovering ammunition and marijuana, are sharing their opinions.

People are saying, “Why police arrested a minor? Was he also involved in the crime? Maybe he was not even aware of the crime. It’s not about defending him but a curiosity. We can see nowadays how youngsters are getting involved in crime, and in this case, the mother was also involved, so what can we say.”

People are also saying, “Even after so much hard work of our officers, we are not able to cap the crimes in the country. That shows how ruined our society is. If police really stop being successful in catching these criminals, just think what will happen.”

The investigation is ongoing in the case, and inquiries are conducted by the police officers under the guidance of PC Boodoosingh. The police department is trying to collect more information and clues related to the crime which can lead them to more such hidden criminals planning any crimes in the nation.