Weather Disturbances to move from Eastern Caribbean to Western Caribbean

Weather Update, Source: Unknown
Weather Update, Source: Unknown

Eastern Caribbean: The weather update states that the Hurricane season will end on November 30. After the Tammy has gone, the chances of threatening rains are back to the Central Atlantic Ocean.

The higher chances of disturbances are forecasted towards the North East of the Bahamas. As per the forecast, the winds are above the disturbance and this will push away the thunderstorms. However, it would develop into a storm.

The winds are blowing with the high pressure towards the North which would even make it reach tropical storm strength, which would be named as Tropical Storm Vince.

Further, the Hurricane center has provided the forecast that 70% probability is present which can develop tropical depression within two days.

Luckily, such circumstances have no threat to the land. The winds moving off the East Coast will remove all the disturbance.

Moreover, there are slight chances for the situation to go another way this midweek. The forecast for next week indicates the push of weather conditions to low range.

The final advisory has been issued by The National Hurricane Centre as the TS Tammy is sweeping away in the Atlantic.

In the coming periods, the developments around the region are expected to be moving towards the South East and would keep the disturbances far away from the US.

Moving towards, the National Hurricane Centre has also monitored 20% probability of cyclone to occur in a week. Also, the shift from the eastern direction, the storm heading towards the western Caribbean increases the possibilities of rainfall across the Island, and would even lead towards the floods. 

As still the Hurricane season is in the Caribbean and expectedly would end November 30, the present times, the citizens are required to keep themselves updated with the weather news.

The move of the weather disturbances from Eastern Caribbean to Western Caribbean raises the threat for local people about any happening.