Viral Video: Mehul Choksi walks freely in hospital while using a cell-phone

A video has gone viral on WhatsApp platform where the fugitive Indian businessman - Mehul Chinu Choksi can be seen using a mobile phone in the Dominica- China friendship hospital.

Dominica: A video has gone viral on WhatsApp platform where the fugitive Indian businessman – Mehul Chinu Choksi can be seen using a mobile phone in the Dominica– China friendship hospital.

The lawyers of the fugitive businessman placed an affidavit in front of the Dominica High Court in which they have claimed that the health of Choksi is not well, and he is suffering from brain and heart diseases. The lawyers of Choksi also insisted that he suffered from a brain haemorrhage and is suffering from making it arduous for him to attend court hearings.

But the viral video contradicts all the statements issued by fugitive Choksi’s lawyer. The video shows how the Indian fugitive is walking in the hospital without any difficulties and using a cell phone.

The question here arises that how a person who’s in custody is permitted to operate a phone? and did Choksi’s lawyers lied to the court?, if this is the case, then the High court must take serious actions against Mehul Choksi.

The video that has gone viral was shared by an Indian media channel named Times now.

The sources have also claimed that the fugitive businessman is in contact with everybody via mobile phone and has made all of the master plans with his lawyers so that he could gain the sympathy of the public and fool the court of Dominica.

It is suspected that Mehul Choksi bribed the doctors. Despite being in custody, not a single police officer is seen with the fugitive Choksi, but it appears that the cards placed on lies by Mehul Choksi and his lawyers are now falling apart.

The Dominica High Court earlier declared fugitive Choksi as a ‘flight risk’ and rejected the bail plea by his lawyers. The lawyers of the fugitive Choksi have also asked the Secretary-general of the CARICOM community to intervene in the matter.

Earlier, Associates times also revealed that the leader of the opposition party of Commonwealth of Dominica – Lennox Linton took a bribe from Choksi’s brother in return to issue false statements regarding the government and to raise the matter in the parliament.

The fugitive businessman and his lawyers have claimed that he did not come to Dominica island voluntarily but was abducted. Lawyers claimed that his tourist friend ‘Babara Jarabica’ was also involved in his kidnapping.

After Choksi’s claims, the alleged girlfriend came in front of the camera, talked to the Indian media house and busted all the lies of the fugitive Choksi by saying that she was not involved in his abduction. In contrast, Babara Jarabica told media Choksi tried to please her with the gifts and even tried to harass her twice sexually.

Various former knowns of fugitive Mehul Choksi also stated that he is a very calculative person, and it is possible that he could have planned his own abduction to gain the sympathy of the people in order to delay his extradition to India.

Now it depends on the Dominica High court that what legal actions it would take against the fugitive Choksi and his lawyers after seeing the video.

The newly viral video clearly represents that Choksi and his lawyers presented a well-planned set-up to make the people and the court fool.

The fugitive businessman fled from India in 2018 and is wanted by the Indian government to defrauding $2 billion from a state-owned lender – Punjab National Bank. After the crime, Choksi obtained citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda and escaped India. Various proofs and shreds of evidence have burst the master plan of the fugitive Choksi.