Vendor Richard Roache dies in shooting at Spanish Town home

40-year-old vendor, Roache, died in shooting at Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town of Saint Catherine on Saturday, 20 January.

Shooting and robbery attempt on HDC worker in San Fernando. Image Credit: Facebook, Manchester NH Police
Shooting and robbery attempt on HDC worker in San Fernando. Image Credit: Facebook, Manchester NH Police

Jamaica: A 40-year-old vendor, Roache, became the victim of the shooting at Old Harbour Road in the Spanish Town of Saint Catherine, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica, on the night of Saturday, 20 January, around 9:00 pm.

The deceased victim of the shooting is identified as a chicken vendor known with the name of Richard Roache, who lived along Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town.

As per the reports, the shooting of Spanish Town took place when the vendor, Roache, was at his home on the night at nearly 9:00 pm.

It is said that residents in the neighbourhood heard the loud sounds of multiple explosions from the hose of the vendor. The incident was immediately reported to the police department in response to which officers from the local police station took charge and went to the place.

After visiting the place of the incident, police went inside the house of the vendor, where they found Roache lying on the floor with his face down. The vendor was covered with blood coming from gunshot wounds on his head.

The police officers confirmed the report and took the house under control to begin an early investigation. The victim of the shooting, vendor Roache, was instantly transferred to the Spanish Town Hospital under medical observation for treatment.

After all the efforts, the vendor was not able to survive and lost his life. He was officially declared dead by medical staff in the Spanish Town Hospital.

The investigation in the case of the shooting on vendor Roache is actively ongoing under the guidance of the Spanish Town Criminal Investigations Branch. The officers are conducting inquiries to collect the evidence, which can lead to the arrest of suspects.

The local residents of the communities around Spanish Town and the nation, after getting information about the shooting on vendor Roache, are sharing their opinions and worries.

People are saying, “That looks personal, and nothing is more important than your life. Stay far from trouble if you can; sometimes, you don’t have to do anything wrong.”

People also said, “Where are those people who were saying our authorities are doing good in fighting crime? Anything to say on this? Criminals are revolving everywhere, and innocent people are scared.”

While some people are expressing panic about the security and safety measures taken in the region, others are also standing with the authorities and saying that “officers are human and can’t stop everything with magic.”

Meanwhile, the police department is considering all the angles that can lead to the murder, as the intention of the shooting is still not known. It also needs to be noticed that the assailant went inside the house without permission or was known to the vendor.