UWP would get only 3 seats in 2021 elections, says UWP political advisor

St Lucia: United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries South Bertrand Johannes’ political advisor gave a talk to Associates Times correspondent on anonymity and revealed some sensational information about upcoming elections.

Johannes’ personal political advisor revealed that his candidate might lose in this election, as Dr Ernest Hilaire – Castries South is a very tough challenge for him, “and Bertrand Johannes himself accepted this fact.”

Talking about UWP political future, Advisor noted that UWP would not get more than three seats in this 2021 election.

While giving more details on the reason behind UWP’s major candidate losing elections, he said that the opposition candidate from Castries South Ernest Hilarie had been quite vocal about people’s rights and had been a major help even during the pandemic. Bertrand Johannes’ personal advisor stated that Johannes had been away from the people and had never been a person who feels empathy with the public.

“Allen Chastanet has a lot of egotism and is overconfident, I too met him several times and advised him to work on the ground, but he said St Lucians are freeloaders, seeking assistance all the time. “Advisor added.

Notably, Associates Times is covering the general election for many months from the ground all across St Lucia.

In addition, he stated that, although I’m a political advisor, I’m a human being too.”

Recalling tough COVID times, when people were dying due to lack of health facilities, PA noted he several times endeavoured to speak to PM Chastanet and even Bertrand Johannes to lend a supporting hand, but they didn’t do much.

He further added that UWP candidates are too sensing the reality of St Lucia, and it appears like St Lucia Labour Party might make it big this time.

Further, he said that some of the candidates were not ready to accept the ticket because they were aware of the fact that the candidates will not win this election.

Advisor further pointed out current crises that UWP uses a lot of government money in an election campaign. However, he denied sharing any documentation with us due to threats.

St Lucia is going into general elections on July 26, 2021, after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.