UWP worker demands extortion from Dominica’s biggest developer

Leaked audio and chats expose a plot involving social media influencer Trevor 'Tossy' Johnson against MMCE's CEO, Anthony Haiden.

Trevor Tossy Johnson (Photo Credits: x.com/tossytrevor
Trevor Tossy Johnson: UWP Worker & influencer Trevor Tossy Johnson. (Photo Credits: x.com/tossytrevor

In a scandalous turn of events, an audio is surfacing across Dominica about a serious extortion attempt by a social media personality. As per reports, the viral audio is of Trevor “Tossy” Johnson, a renowned social media influencer and United Workers Party (UWP) worker, discussing a deal to extort money from a well-known developer in the country.

Reportedly, Trevor “Tossy” Johnson has been using his social media influence to defame Montreal Management Consultants Est. and its CEO Anthony Haiden.

Johnson is also accused of blackmailing the developer for monetary gains. In a giant reveal, viral chats and audio on social media brought to light the huge scandal and methods that Johnson utilized to extort money from MMCE and its CEO.

Based on the audio recordings and public confessions, Trevor “Tossy” Johnson approached Anthony Haiden to become his company’s PR consultant. As part of this “Tossy” Johnson demanded USD 20,000 to USD 25,000 per month. In the discussion in the viral audio, Trevor can be heard saying that he was sure that Anthony Haiden could afford higher amount that he demanded.

Notably in the conversation, Trevor “Tossy” Johnson also accepted of attacking Anthony Haiden for the past five years through social media content and making a huge demand of money in order to stop his misleading social media campaigns against MMCE and Haiden.

“I know it is a big deal. I know it is a big deal. I know he’s making a lot of money, we know that I know he could afford it, even If I ask for USD 100,000 a month I’m sure he could afford point blank right? That is for the five, for the five years I have been attacking him so he knows my worth. I think a certain demand would be acceptable,” he said in the viral audio.

Reportedly, after Anthony Haiden denied agreeing to meet Trevor’s demands, he accelerated the online attacks and started spreading fake news about Haiden and his company MMCE. He also insisted to Haiden that in order to stay safe from everything, he (Haiden) and his company (MMCE) needed excellent PR services from him (Tossy Johnson).

Not only this, Tossy Johnson also tried to engage Haiden in different business opportunities in Trinidad, and Guyana through numerous WhatsApp messages and begged him to start a business relationship.

Johnson’s unsuccessful pursuit of Haiden and MMCE coupled with the renowned interest by the Dominica opposition to attack MMCE resulted in the current plot being weaved.

Locals speculate that all these are just mere attempts to defame the citizenship by investment programme of the country and Trevor Tossy Johnson is backed by the Opposition to spread misinformation.

Screenshot of Chats of Trevor Tossy Johnson
Screenshot of Chats of Trevor Tossy Johnson

Workers of Dominican opposition – United Workers Party are clearly extorting developers of the country who have made efforts to support Dominica after devastating crises of natural disasters. It is working noting that MMCE has built over 2,000 houses in Dominica, more than 12 healthcare centres, Marigot hospital and is building new international airport of the country. Extortion of such persons must be halted or it will upsurge difficult situation for Dominica in its path towards national development as many investors would worry extortion of the opposition.

Apart from Trevor’s continuous attacks on the MMCE, Anthony Haiden and the CBI Programme, the opposition with its former leader Lennox Linton has hired a group of “Investigative Journalists” to further push their plot by surfacing misleading information.

The narrative, which is designed and coordinated by Trevor has reportedly picked up two journalists who are editors of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and there are some reports online that Dominica opposition (UWP) and Johnson has managed to convince the Guardian (UK based newspaper) to publish an article against Dominica.

As part of this, the journalists Brian Fitzpatrick and Antonio Baquero, editors of OCCRP reached out to Haiden among others. These reportedly sent a list of questions which appeared to be an apparent attempt to set the records straight officially.

Utilizing social media, with the collaboration of OCCRP is another method of the Opposition and Trevor initiating a war. The information about the Opposition hiring these journalists was confirmed in a private conversation with a former insider and former parliamentary member of the UWP.

In addition, in the viral chats, it could be seen that Trevor Tossy Johnson, was behind a plan to scare Anthony Hayden and force him to give money. All of this was uncovered in the viral chats, where he could be seen accepting the fact of conspiring with these journalists to fearmonger Anthony Haiden to extort money.