UNC’s PRO targets Government and Health Minister

kirk Meighoo targets the Health Minister- Terrence Deyalsingh, and stated that it's absolutely unacceptable as the Minister refused to answer the Media's questions on the recent Health Briefing.

Trinidad and Tobago: UNC’s PRO- kirk Meighoo targets the Health Minister- Terrence Deyalsingh, and stated that it’s absolutely unacceptable as the Minister refused to answer the Media’s questions on the recent Health Briefing.

The Minister refused to answer the question that whether the Venezuelan migrant who first brought the more venomous Brazilian mutant of COVID-19 entered Trinidad and Tobago illegally.

On this Kirk, Meighoo stated, “The Government owes an answer to the citizens. The PNM can run, but they cannot hide.”

“Given the cramped living quarters of illegal migrants, the lack of detection by authorities, and their free spread throughout the local population, this issue deserves special attention.”

Following the statement, he further declared, “Yet it took weeks for Health Minister Deyalsingh to admit in the Senate that a Venezuelan migrant was the first case of the Brazilian variant, after spending previous weeks deflecting and shifting blame to Trinidadians.”

“The Health Minister still won’t tell the country the legal status of the migrant.”

“Meanwhile, the virus has been spreading for weeks before it was picked up. The sampling that the Ministry conducted was random and the cases picked up were isolated, that is they are not connected,” stated UNC’s PRO.

He asserted, “This means that the Brazilian strain has been here for at least one or two cycles and has likely reached the point of community spread. Yet, Minister Deyalsingh is still avoiding questions.”

“This negligence of duty may be dangerous. Today 223 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours. This is very concerning and this wave appears that it is going to be worse than our last big one in September 2020 with over 2,600 cases.”

“Yet the Ministry of Health is not exploring to forewarn and prepare the population, but rather seeking to downplay the dangers and to avoid answering questions.”

Kirk Meighoo blamed PM Rowley for this and stated, “Prime Minister Keith Rowley is to blame for this. For over a year, first with the fired Minister Stuart Young, and now with the current failure Fitzgerald Hinds, Keith Rowley’s Government has refused to deploy the country’s Coast Guard and air assets to systematically patrol our borders and the 81 identified points of illegal entry.”

“Keith Rowley has turned our border into a free for, putting all of our lives at risk. This is not only with regard to new more deadly COVID-19 strains but also with increased drugs, arms and ammunition smuggling,” said Rowley.

“It is no wonder that the US Department of Homeland Security has identified Trinidad and Tobago as a major trans-shipment point and is now reported to be possibly setting up an office here.”

Concluding his statement he asserted, “Keith Rowley and the PNM has failed us, displaying open contempt for the population of T&T both at home and abroad.”

“The population must ask the question as to whether this is mere PNM inability, or whether there is something more ominous by this Government that we are as yet unaware of?”

“As the Official Opposition, the UNC will be asking these questions in the Parliament and force the Government to answer,” stated Meighoo.