UNC rejects Guardian’s politically bias & unprofessional reporting

UNC's PRO- Dr Kirk Meighoo, stated that "UNC rejects the Guadian's politically biased, unprofessional and prejudiced reporting

Trinidad and Tobago: UNC’s PRO- Dr Kirk Meighoo, stated that “UNC rejects the Guadian’s politically biased, unprofessional and prejudiced reporting and now it’s common for the Guardian to report criticisms of UNC press releases and statements, without actually publishing the original press release which has generated the story.”

Following the statement, he further cited an example and pointed out that “On 23 April, the Guardian published the full statement of PM Rowley condemning a UNC press release, but did not publish UNC’s original statement for its readers.”

Meighoo further stated, “On 24 April, the Guardian denounced the UNC press release of that day, again without publishing the UNC media release itself, for its readers to judge.”

“Again on 25 April, the Guardian published PM Rowley’s criticise of another UNC press release and it did not publish the original UNC release to even know what he was responding to.”

Adding to this UNC’s PRO Kirk specified that the Guardian had neglected UNC’s press releases and it’s unfortunate that this negligence came for the opposition party of the Nation.

“The Trinidad Guardian has called itself “The Guardian of Democracy” and it’s better if they try and live up to this title, instead of providing a one-sided point of view or PNM Government propaganda, while virtually unpublishing the side of UNC. This is the opposite of Democracy,” declared Kirk Meighoo.

Concluding to this Meighoo further expressed that the residents and UNC demands unbiased, ethical and professional journalistic standards from ‘The Guardian’.

“The Trinidad Guardian must strive toward its ideal of being “The Guardian of Democracy”. It is needed now more than ever,” said Dr Kirk Meighoo.

One of the residents of Trinidad and Tobago has called it ‘Just another piece of the PNM propaganda machine’.

‘The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian’ is one of the oldest daily newspaper of T&T. The first edition of the newspaper was published on 2 September in 1917. The newspaper is now published and owned by Guardian Media Limited.