Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested

Two men became victim of chopping in confrontation with three suspects armed cutlasses and knives in Rio Claro on Thursday.

Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: Two 21-year-old men got assaulted and became victims of chopping in a confrontation involving three suspects with cutlasses and knives in Rio Claro, a town in the southeastern part of Trinidad, on Thursday, 1 February.

The victims of the chopping attack belonged to Zion Hill Guayaguayare Road in Rio Claro and another to Enid Village in Rio Claro. The names of the victims are not confirmed yet.

As per the  reports, the incident took place when the first victim of Zion Hill got involved in an argument with three suspects, which eventually turned into a heated confrontation. The suspects involved in the confrontation were armed with cutlass and knives.

It is said that the argument got heated up, and the three suspects started assaulting the victim before pulling out their weapons and attacking him. The other victim of Enid Village noticed the confrontation and immediately tried to intervene in the conflict in favour of the involved victim.

The suspects also attacked the second victim, who tried to get involved in the situation and attacked both with knives and cutlasses, chopping and stabbing them multiple times.

Reportedly, the people near the locality noticed the conflict getting out of hand and reported to the police department about the chopping attack on two victims in Rio Claro. In response, the officers from the Rio Claro Municipal Police, PC Choo Lin Chew and Ali, took charge who was on duty near the location of the chopping incident.

After visiting the scene, police officers witnessed the confrontation and confirmed the report while taking the situation under control by disarming the suspects. The culprits were instantly arrested by the police officers on the spot.

The victims of the attack, who were bleeding from the wounds of chopping and stabbing, were immediately transferred to the Rio Claro Health Centre for medical treatment. Due to their condition, the victims were subsequently transferred to the Sangre Grande Hospital under medical observation, where they were taken for emergency surgery.

The local residents of the communities around Rio Claro and people around the nation are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the chopping attack on two victims.

People are saying, “Not a surprise that random innocents got attacked by criminals openly, but this is really shocking that police went to the location on time and arrested all suspects.”

People also said, “Police got on the scene within the time. That’s why the victims were saved; otherwise, one more double murder it was. We need such kind of management now where police can respond to any part of the country within a moment.”

People are hoping for the betterment of the victims and are demanding for such quick response by the police department in every case to maintain security and safety in the region.