Two arrested with firearms after police encounter in San Juan

Police arrest of two suspects and seized of two firearms in anti-crime operation in San Juan on Monday, 5 February.

Two arrested with firearms after police encounter in San Juan. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Two arrested with firearms after police encounter in San Juan. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Trinidad and Tobago: The police department of the twin island nation conducted an anti-crime operation, which resulted in the arrest of two suspects with possession of two firearms which were seized by officers after an encounter in San Juan, a town in the northwestern part of Trinidad, on Monday, 5 February, around 5:30 pm.

The suspects arrested in the San Juan operation after the encounter were taken into custody without any injuries. The suspects are identified as one of the age of 20-year-old who belongs to San Juan, and another suspect, a 28-year-old belonging to Arima.

As per the reports, the San Juan anti-crime operation was conducted by the police officers while they were on a regular mobile patrolling on the day when they saw a red Nissan Almera motor vehicle at nearly 5:30 pm.

The police officers stopped the suspected vehicle for enquiry, which was occupied by two men. It is mentioned that officers allegedly observed one of the suspects in the car lifting a firearm, in response to which officers discharged their official firearms. In the encounter, police officers fired multiple rounds against the suspect to neutralise the threat.

It is mentioned by the police department that the action taken by the officers at the moment was with respect to the use of force policy. Straight after, the suspects were arrested and taken under custody. The police officers recovered two pistols possessed by the suspects, among which one was a Glock 45 pistol loaded with five rounds of ammunition and another pistol was unloaded.

The residents of the communities of San Juan and the people of the nation, after hearing about the anti-crime operation by the police department in which two culprits got arrested with illegal firearms after an encounter, are sharing their opinions on the case.

People are saying, “Work done in a very fine way by the officers. Well done. Our officers are putting their efforts into every aspect. One thing that needs to be observed is that officers of our nation are good with their senses. A few times back, police suspected one vehicle in the same way and found many illegal items. It is also important to notice how they grabbed the criminals after firing without injuring them. We need our officers to keep up their brave work going like this.”

The officers of the police department are continuing the investigation of the case by following the available clues, which could lead them to more such criminals and criminal activities planned in the nation.