T&T government provided SEED grant to boost micro-business

Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Social Development and Family Services hosted a brief ceremony on 29 June 2021 for distributing SEED – Sowing Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development Programme.

These grants have been given to around nine people across the island. Under the grant, the Ministry is providing support for around thirty-four individuals who are planning to set up or grow a micro-business enterprise.

This investment has cost Four Hundred and Seventy-nine Thousand, Three Hundred and One Dollars and Seventy-One Cents $479,301.71. to the Ministry. The Ministry has taken this step when small businesses are facing financial difficulties related to COVID-19 restrictions.

While addressing the grant recipients during the brief ceremony, Senator Donna Cox – the Minister of Social Development and Family Services asserted, “This is a direct way to address poverty reduction and elimination via providing entrepreneurial opportunities, by empowering and supporting SEED applicants with the required start-up materials and equipment for their small businesses.”

The Minister further asked the grant recipients to come up with innovative ideas and methods in accordance with the current situation of the Caribbean island.

Following the statement, she further assured the grant receivers that the Ministry would provide assistance and work with them to make sure their small business become successful.

She cited, “I am aware that the grant recipients today include people who are recipients of social support from the Ministry and are interested in establishing a micro-small business venture or receiving skills training.”

The Minister also appreciated and praised the participants’ efforts to show their willingness to work for the development of their current situation, taking into consideration the ongoing economic crisis.

The Minister further added that Trinidad and Tobago government is working hard and showing its commitment in order to frame a path towards a brighter future amid the impact of the deadly COVID-19 mutant on the islands’ economy.

The recipients were happy after receiving the grant and praised the efforts of the T&T government.