Trinidad: TTPS rescues lost hiker family from Mount Saint Benedict

Family of four members rescued by Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and Fire Service in a operation on Mount Saint Benedict 17 February.

Petit Valley man injured in shooting with his nephew. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Petit Valley man injured in shooting with his nephew. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Trinidad and Tobago: A family of four members, who were lost while hiking on Mount Saint Benedict, were rescued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service in a collaborative operation on Saturday, 17 February, around 5:30 pm.

As per the reports, the rescue operation was conducted by the officers on Mount Saint Benedict, which took place on the day after the hiker family who got lost in the area somehow contacted for help to the E999 Command Centre.

It is said that the family of hikers including a husband and wife with their two children went hiking on the location at nearly 4:40 pm and started moving along the Northern Range at the famous flag site. The family lost their path while they were returning on their way back and missed the direction.

The Family instantly managed to contact the support for help and share information about losing their path in response to which the report was given to the Northern Division Operational Centre. The Northern Division Operational Centre immediately took charge and activated the rescue operation with the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service with the TTPS Coastal and Air Support Unit.

The search and rescue operation of the family was formulated under the guidance of Inspector Rampallard with a team of officers from the TTFS LSAR1, the Air Support Unit and the Tunapuna Fire Station including Fire Sub Officer John Baptiste Reid and Fire Sub Officer Olliverie with Inspector Beepot.

Reportedly, while conducting the search operation, the officers were able to spot the hiker family on the terrain of the mountain in a forested area with the help of the drone. After locating the family, the officers pinpointed the location where they were spotted in the drone footage.

Straight after the rescue exercise was started by the officers the TTFS Land Search and Rescue Team with a resident of El Pilar Heights and hunters who became the part of rescue operation as volunteers. Eventually, the team of officers went to the marked location and rescued the hiker family from the forest of Mount Saint Benedict.

After the rescue, the family was examined by the TTFS personnel to take note of their medical health. The check up intended to provide the family with needed medical attention if they suffered from any health issue. After examination, the family was reported to be in good physical condition.

It is said that the family was also asked to take medical assistance in the nearby health facility if needed but the family declined it. However, the family was assisted by the officers in the vehicle to get out of the place and visit back to the rest of their family members.

The entire collaborative rescue operation was conducted by the officers in which, the Air Support Operation was coordinated by the ACP of Tactical Support, Thompson, with ASP Coastal and Air Support Unit, Walker. The Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service response was coordinated by ACFO Sampson and the North Central West Division was coordinated by ACP Subero and Senior Superintendent Smith.

The local residents of the communities around Mount Saint Benedict and the people of the nation are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the incident of the rescue of a family by officers who went hiking and lost their way.

People are saying, “Great job to all who assisted. Thanks to our partners at the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service. Also thanks to the hunters search group and special thanks to volunteer resident Jerome Rajcoomar who provided invaluable knowledge of the terrain and wasted no time to spring into action.”