Trinidad: Menu for Valentine’s Day dinner unveiled, package to cost $465 per person

A Valentine’s Day Dinner at $465 per person has been unveiled by Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad: Menu for Valentine’s Day Dinner unveiled, package to cost $465 per person
Trinidad: Menu for Valentine’s Day Dinner unveiled, package to cost $465 per person

Trinidad and Tobago: Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Trinidad and Tobago has unveiled a Valentine’s Day dinner for $ 465 per person. The package includes a three-course dinner and the first drink for two on February 14, 2024.

The resort has invited the guests and said that the night will feature a romantic dinner to celebrate the love. It promises to be an unforgettable tropical setting where the guests will indulge in a culinary journey with the true essence of Trinidad and Tobago.

The resort also outlined that an early bird discount will be available for the first couple who will make reservations between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. The discount is valid for one day.

The Day dinner will feature three courses, and the night will be named “A Romantic Affair at Kali’s Na.” The first course will include Maryland Crab Cakes, Duck Breast Crostini, and Ministrone, while the second course will feature Braised Cornish Hen, Sugar-Cane Salmon, Eggplant-Parmesan and Coca Lamb.

The third course will include Cheesecake Crème Brulee, Butterscotch Banana Trifle with Strawberries, Baileys Infused Cake, Strawberries and Chocolate Fountain.

In the first course, the guests will have tasty, delectable made from premium lump crab meat married with an array of vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices, which will further accentuate the romantic mood. Besides this, there will be flavourful duck breast prepared on an Italian crostini with pommerac compote.

The first course will also include a rich tomato broth slowly simmered with fresh vegetables, topped with parmesan reggano, and served with freshly baked bread.

Coming to the second course, the guests will taste the food of Trinidad and Tobago with a dish of Succulent cornish hen braised and confit to create moist and tenderness. It will be sprinkled with smoked paprika and topped with sauce béarnaise.

Atlantic salmon, seared with special herbs and spices to create an aromatic aroma and exquisite taste, served with ginger-infused jasmine rice, will enhance the culinary experience of the guests.

It will also feature eggplant breaded and baked with Italian herbs and spices. Topped with mozzarella cheese on a bed of linguini pasta. Served with marinara sauce. Besides this, the last dish for the second course will be Cocoa spiced lamb, which is seared to perfection, drizzled with chocolate-infused red wine sauce and served with pearl barley risotto

For the third course, the romantic marrying of crème and cream cheese has been prepared. It will also include a butterscotch banana trifle, which is luxurious, creamy, fragrant and delicious. Made from vanilla beans, butterscotch pudding, fresh banana wafers and strawberries

The third course of the dinner will include rich chocolate drizzling from the fountain, where lovers can dip and cover their strawberries with chocolate and serve each other to create a romantic mood.