Trinidad and Tobago: Woman robbed of TT$ 80,000 outside Scotiabank

A woman became the victim of a robbery of TT$ 80,000 around 1:30 pm outside of Scotiabank in Arima on Thursday, 14 December.

60-year-old woman became victim of Point Fortin robbery in taxi. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
60-year-old woman became victim of Point Fortin robbery in taxi. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 37-year-old woman fell victim to a robbery, losing TT$ 80,000, after exiting Scotiabank on Windsor Road in Arima, around 1:30 pm on Thursday, 14 December.

According to reports, the robbery victim was returning to her parked vehicle after completing transactions at the bank.

As the victim went to her car, suddenly, two assailants rushed on her, among whom one of the suspects was carrying a gun. They immediately announced the robbery.

It’s been said that one man physically threatened the victim in an already tense situation by holding the woman in a headlock, while another man demanded the money she had just withdrawn from the bank.

The victim, out of any choice and in fear for her life, accepted their demand and gave away all the amount she was carrying.

After the successful robbery of the envelope containing cash, criminals fled out of the place immediately.

Immediately after the robbery, local police was notified about the incident, in response to which Police Constable Charles from the Arima Criminal Investigation Department (CID) took charge of the investigation.

The authorities are working to gather information by analysing all available surveillance footage from the cameras around the area at the time of the robbery and are collecting clues that can lead to the identification of the suspects.

The incident of robbery in the daylight in a crowded area raised concern among the people of the neighbourhood about the safety of their money and other valuables, even in the supposedly secured areas.

This incident also came as a realisation among the public as they are now talking about the necessity of caution individuals must attain to avoid such kind of situation and to be able to protect their hard earned money and valuables.

On the other side, people are also raising concerns over safety issues and questioning the authorities, saying, “What my country Trinidad is becoming! People can’t go to the bank to get their own money. What was security doing at the time? There is no fear of the law remained seems like. Now, the public need to go to the bank with the police every time. Then, only one can be safe.”

By taking notes on such robberies continuously happening in different locations, financial institutions are looking to review their security protocols and make them better as much as possible.

As the investigation is going on around the collected shreds of evidence, people of communities are expecting a quick resolution of the issue and hoping for justice for the victim of a robbery. Authorities with community elders are asking everyone to stay calm and cooperate with the police officers working around the robbery case.