Trinidad and Tobago records 399 COVID-19 cases in 24-hours

Trinidad and Tobago sees 404 new COVID case, 20 new deaths in last 24 hrs
Trinidad and Tobago sees 404 new COVID case, 20 new deaths in last 24 hrs

As per the recent data provided by the Ministry of Health Trinidad and Tobago, over 399 cases of COVID-19 were reported in a single day which brought the total number of active cases to 3029.

The positive results came from samples taken during the 2nd and 4th of May, and two of the patients are recently repatriated.

The Ministry added that so far since 2020, more than 138,900 people underwent a coronavirus test, out of which 12105 tested positive for the contagious disease.

Health Ministry reported that 65,320 coronavirus tests were conducted by private facilities.

There are around 276 patients in hospitals getting treated for coronavirus, while 42 are in step down facilities, 204 in government quarantine facilities and around 2307 in self-isolation.

Ministry of Health also stated that 55,259 people have received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and only 288 received the second dose.

Trinidad and Tobago is using the Oxford Astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine for the immunization of its general public. Half of the vaccines arrived from World Health Organizations’s COVAX facility, while the other half was sent by the Republic of India.

Considering the recent surge in COIVD-19 infections, the government of Trinidad and Tobago have asked to close all bars, restaurants, and non-essential places. The health officials of the country have cautioned that the surge is expected to continue in recent days.

Officials also stated that people without comorbidities are losing their life to COVID-19 in Trinidad and Tobago and the situation is getting out of hand as a large number of patients is accommodated in hospital wards.

Authorities continue to ask people to follow the health guidelines as the Brazilian variant is also considered to be part of the recent surge. Health- officials stated that the variant is more contagious and has contributed 1 to 2 percent in the recent COVID-19 cases. People are also advised to practice respiratory hygiene and maintain 6 feet distance from otherfs.