Trinidad and Tobago: Government resumes face-to-face classes of vaccinated students

Dominica: New vaccination drive announced for public officers
Dominica: New vaccination drive announced for public officers

Trinidad and Tobago government published new instructions. The new instructions stated that the fully vaccinated children would be re-joining the classes physically from October 4 2021.

In Trinidad, the secondary schools would be resuming physical classes for fully vaccinated students. The government should allow only 4-6 students for face-to-face education along with the practical session.

Ministry of Education, in a statement, said that there had been many meetings between the identified majority union and other important stakeholders. The Ministry said that they had further published the new rules and operational needs to all principals of secondary schools.

Teachers who have been assigned to give direction to fully vaccinated Forms 4 – 6 pupils must report to their assigned schools to deliver instruction in the face-to-face mode. Regardless of physical attendance, teachers are urged to use blended methods of content delivery.

The Ministry of Education had been distributing laptops along with MiFi devices to teachers and students. The government had made these efforts to transform the learning mode. The government further would be finding new instructors on a temporary basis to fulfil the shortage of teaching staff.

The principals across the island are supposed to submit to their line supervisors an individual school reopening plan based on a MOE template that defines the means by which students in Forms 4 to 6 those are not attending face-to-face school would be having access to instructional content.

39,120 children ranging from the age of 12 and 18 have been immunized so far. Till the present day, more than one million vaccination doses have been used for vaccinating residents.

As a result, the government has decided to allow the gradual return of certain fully vaccinated kids to physical classrooms for face-to-face education.