Time Magazine names Dominica as World’s Greatest Place, ranks at top

The Nature Isle of the Caribbean- Dominica secured first place in the highly anticipated third annual list of the World's Greatest Places at Time Magazine.

Time Magazine names Dominica as World's Greatest Place, ranks at top
Time Magazine names Dominica as World's Greatest Place, ranks at top Image Credits: Ministry of Tourism Facebook Page

Roseau, Dominica: The Nature Isle of the Caribbean– Dominica secured first place in the highly anticipated third annual list of the World’s Greatest Places at Time Magazine. While featuring 50 extraordinary travel destinations, Nature Isle secured the top rank in the list. 

Time Magazine asserted that Dominica welcomes tourists with its adventure aplenty via rain forests, lush greenery, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and volcanoes. While lauding Dominica’s goals and efforts to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation by 2030, the magazine added that Sustainable tourism is a priority for this small island nation in order to stand tall against the climate-change.  

TIME magazine has revealed its highly anticipated third annual list of the World’s Greatest Places, featuring 50 extraordinary travel destinations around the world, and Dominica is listed front and centre as the first destination on that list. 

The Ministry of Tourism of Dominica asked the people to visit Nature Island, Dominica, to hike the Caribbean’s longest trail, kayak during sunsets with Soufriere Outdoor Centre, relax in their Hot Sulphur Spa’s, discover one of our newest resort, Coulibri Ridge, and more. People’s adventure to one of the greatest places in the world is one click away! Plan that trip. 

Dominica has secured various accolades through its magnificent beauty and exceptional natural offerings. Earlier, CNN Travel named our Nature Island, Dominica, one of the most beautiful places in the world. CNN stated that tourists experience the beauty of nature for themselves. 

Lauding the country, CCN said, “Dominica is known as “nature island” for a reason. This tiny Caribbean state focused on hot springs and rainforest treks rather than flopping on the beach is nothing like its neighbouring islands.” 

CCN Travel stated that boiling Lake, in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, is accessible via steep, mountainous paths, an ethereal body of water that is well worth the hike. For divers, Champagne Reef, with its explosions of colorful plants and fish, is a true paradise.

Earlier, Dominica shines in the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Sustainability Awards. The CTO recently announced the winners where Dominica won for the “Tourism Education and Training” category.

The “Friend of Conservation” initiative, launched in 2022, is a collaboration between WildDominique, The Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, Discover Dominica Authority, and the Dominica State College. It was designed to establish biodiversity-friendly livelihoods on Nature Island.

Additionally, three local businesses received runner-up awards from the Caribbean’s tourism development agency. 

  • “Excellence in Sustainable Tourism”
  • Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa and Citrus Creek tied for second-runner up
  • “Community-Based Tourism”
  • Mango Garden Cottages placed second-runner up

Dominica’s underwater landscape is one-of-a-kind. The tourists can thrive with sea life from turtles to schools of colourful fish, healthy coral, and even home to sperm whales. Discover Dominica stated that they don’t need to be a certified diver to enjoy this side of paradise.

The island culture has balanced living off the sea with delicious seafood cuisine while preserving and protecting marine life, especially endangered species such as leatherback turtles.

Dominica is all about untapped experiences with unique adventures nestled deep in the heart of nature. Leatherback turtles, one of the world’s largest sea turtle species travel miles from North America and Europe to nest on the protected black sand beaches of Nature Isle.