Three suspects shot dead in Tunapuna police encounter

Three individuals shot dead in police encounter while officers went to execute a search warrant in apartment in Tunapuna on 17 February.

Penal: 26-year-old man died in fatal shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force
Penal: 26-year-old man died in fatal shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force

Trinidad and Tobago: Three individuals were shot dead by police officers in a shooting encounter while the officers went to execute a search warrant in an apartment along Lovell Street in Tunapuna, a town in the northern part of Trinidad, on Saturday, 17 February, around 5:00 am. One of the deceased individuals among the three was a teenage woman who was found pregnant.

The deceased individuals of the shooting encounter by police are identified as a 29-year-old man, who is known with the name of Shaquille McGregor also known as Duss Boss. The pregnant teenager is identified as an 18-year-old woman, who is known by the name of Jadel Ottley.

The third deceased individual in the encounter in Tunapuna was the father of the unborn child of the pregnant teenager, who is currently just known by his made-up name Silence.

As per the reports, the incident of the Tunapuna shooting encounter took place on the day when the police officers went to execute a search warrant based on intelligence information at the apartment along Lovell Street in the Monte Grande locality at nearly 5:00 am.

The exercise was conducted by a team of officers with the cooperation of the Gang and Intelligence Unit from the North Central Division and the Multi-Operational Police Section. The intention to execute the search warrant was to find and seize the possession of firearms and ammunition for the place.

Reportedly, when the officers took charge and went to the place to conduct the operation, the suspect observed their arrival and allegedly armed themselves with firearms. Straight after, the suspect started shooting in the direction of the police officers.

The police officers immediately took cover to save their lives from this sudden shooting attack. In response, the police officers also armed themselves with their service firearms and started shooting against the suspects in retaliation. It is mentioned that the action was taken by the officer under the rule of gun law.

In the encounter between the suspects and the police officers, the three suspects were shot by the officers. As the shooting came to a rest, the police officers immediately charged and took the area under control.

The three suspects, who were bleeding on the place from their gunshot wounds were instantly transferred to the Mt Hope Hospital under medical observation for treatment. After all the efforts of the medical staff, all three individuals were not able to survive and were declared dead officially.

The police officers while executing their operation searched the place after seizing it. It is said that in the search of the premises, the police officers found unauthorized firearms from the site, which were a Colt Revolver and a black pistol of 9mm. The officers also recovered four spent shells of 0.38mm and one spent shell of 9mm. Four unused bullets of 9mm were also recovered from the scene.

The operation which led to a shooting encounter in Tunapuna was conducted by a team of police officers which was coordinated by Inspector Green with Sargeant Dardanelle and Sargeant Knox. The operation took place under the supervision of ACP Subero, ASP Metivier, and Senior Superintendent Smith.

The citizens of the nation and the local people of the communities around Tunapuna are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the incident of shooting encounter between the police officers and the suspects in which three got killed.

People are saying, “Even the camera man afraid to go in there… there is a breading ground for criminal an the sad part is the area not big an not too many roads and it not too far from the police station and the police can’t even get rid of them properly.”