The end of US’s longest military mission that lasted 20 years

America's last military plane has taken off from Afghanistan and with this the work of complete withdrawal of America from Afghanistan has been completed.

US: America’s last military plane has taken off from Afghanistan and with this the work of complete withdrawal of America from Afghanistan has been completed. With this, the military mission that lasted 20 years in Afghanistan has also come to an end.

This US military plane took off from Kabul Airport.

The US Department of Defense has released a picture which says that he is the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan.

Giving information in this regard, it has been told that it is Major General Chris Donahue who is boarding the last C-17 aircraft leaving Kabul for America.

General Mackenzie, America’s top military commander in the region, said that America’s last C-17 aircraft took off from Kabul with the US ambassador shortly after midnight (local time) on Tuesday.

He said the diplomatic mission would continue to assist those who could not leave before the deadline.

As soon as the last US plane took off, the Taliban celebrated by firing bullets on the Kabul airport and the streets of Kabul.

Kabul was captured by the Taliban on 14 August, after which a large number of people were evacuated from Afghanistan. General Mackenzie said a coalition of the US and its allies in total had evacuated about 1.25 million civilians from Afghanistan.

This means that more than seven and a half thousand people have left Afghanistan every day.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on the occasion of the complete withdrawal of America from Afghanistan that the evacuation of people from Afghanistan was a big challenge for America. He described it as military, diplomatic and humanitarian operation carried out on a large scale.

He said that with this “a new chapter has begun.”

“The military mission is over. A new diplomatic mission has begun,” Blinken said.

In his address shortly after the announcement, he said the Taliban needed to regain their legitimacy and that this would be decided by the extent to which they fulfilled their commitments and obligations to civilians.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that all US representatives have left Kabul and the US will now establish a diplomatic office for Afghanistan in Doha. This office will continue efforts to help Americans wishing to leave Afghanistan and Afghan citizens holding US passports to leave Afghanistan.

Blinken was the first member of the Joe Biden cabinet to talk about withdrawal from Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden issued a brief statement thanking all those involved in the evacuation campaign in Afghanistan over the past 17 days. He is likely to address the nation on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the US is yet to comment on reports that several civilians were killed in an alleged US drone strike on a suspected suicide bomber. These included six children, as well as a civilian associated with the US military as a translator.

Relatives of those killed say the attack on a car near Kabul airport was based on misinformation. The Pentagon said it was investigating it.