Taliban Government permits girls for secondary education

Taliban Government permits girls for secondary education
Taliban Government permits girls for secondary education

In Afghanistan, now the girls are allowed to go to secondary schools. This decision was taken by the Taliban that they would be opening secondary school soon for the girls in the country. Omar Abdi shared the information of this upliftment in Afghanistan, he is a senior United Nations official.

During last week Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) toured Kabul. There during an interaction with media at UN Headquarter, he cleared that out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan, in 5 provinces, the girls are allowed to attend secondary school. The listed five provinces are:

  1. Balkh, Jawzjan and Samangan in the northwest
  2. Urozgan in the southwest
  3. Kunduz in the northeast

Omar Abdi stated that he had been told by the Taliban’s Education Minister about their working on their “framework” under which they have been allowing the girls to continue their studies further after 6th grade. The minister stated that this framework would get published within 1 to 2 months. 

Abdi said, “As I speak to you today, millions of girls of secondary school age are missing out on education for the 27th consecutive day. The world organisation is urging them not to wait and that it’s a day lost for those girls that are out of school”.

On September 17th Taliban first only opened the secondary schools for the boys in the country. After taking this decision, Afghanistan became the first country globally that banned half its population from receiving secondary education.

A few days back, 32 people died, and 45 went through severe injuries after the explosion reported in a Shia mosque located in the southern City of Kandhar. This incident has been reported in Afghanistan. This information has been given by the Public Health official of the province.

This blast has been reported in the afternoon at Bibi Fatima mosque. On Friday, this largest mosque for the Shia Muslim community in the city was bombed.