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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Weather News

Rainy days ahead: Isolated thunderstorms predicted for Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinidad and Tobago predicted the variably cloudy conditions accompanied by occasional showers. A medium chance of 40 percent to 60 percent isolated thunderstorm activity is expected.

Periods of heavy rainfalls impacts Trinidad and Tobago, yellow level in effect 

Periods of heavy showers and widespread continuous rain impacted Trinidad and Tobago from early morning with a low-level trough

Weather: Skies to remain cloudy across Eastern Caribbean, heavy thunderstorms possible

Mid-upper trough has weakened and moved west over the central Caribbean Sea/Central Venezuela whilst an upper equatorial ridge has built over NE South America and the islands.

Weather: Eastern Caribbean to witness periods of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms  

Periods of Heavy Rainfall are to affect the Islands Rest of the Week ... Localized Flash & River Flooding + Landslide Risk is Elevated (Could Become More Likely with Successive Days of Rain)

Trinidad and Tobago Met service issues riverine flood alert, yellow level in effect

Trinidad and Tobago: A strong and well-formed North Atlantic (Bermuda to Azores) high-pressure cell with a long fetch on its equatorial side, from the western coast of Africa to the Lesser Antilles, is pushing lines of convergence along our latitudes and causing perturbations moving from the east to west across Trinidad and Tobago. 

Weather: Eastern Caribbean witnesses heavy showers causing localized flooding 

A few moderate to heavy showers affected the southern islands today, especially in Trinidad, where there was localized flooding. This should continue into Thursday and the first part of Friday.

Weather: Dominica witnesses periods of light to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms

Periods of light to heavy rain and occasional moderate to heavy showers have affected Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Martinique overnight to morning. Some showers also impacted Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines. 

Weather: Moderate to strong thunderstorm clusters bring heavy rainfall across Eastern Caribbean 

Overnight to morning, moderate to strong thunderstorm clusters formed east of Trinidad and Tobago, bringing some heavy showers and long periods of rain. This continued to add to already occuring flash and river flooding. 

Weather: Few showers and light rain over parts of Dominica and Martinique

Few showers are moving from SE towards Saint Lucia, a few showers are east of Tobago and light rain is over parts of Dominica and Martinique. Expect increasing chances for occasional showers, some locally heavy and slower moving during the afternoon to early evening. 

Weather: Eastern Caribbean to witness moderate to heavy showers with slight thunderstorms

The islands are on the dry side of a large upper trough. Expect mostly light to briefly moderate showers next 24 hours. The upper trough extends down to northern South America and the favorable side is helping convection there.

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